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Italian-Americans Celebrates Pride & Heritage at 74th Annual Columbus Day Parade in New York..!

NEW YORK,N.Y.(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT 09.08.18)-New York City turned into Green, White & Red colors for few hours today, in celebration of the 74th Annual Columbus Day Parade and Italian-American heritage, led by this year Grand Marshall " Guy Chiarello", president of Data Corporation and hundreds of floats marching down on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The parade celebrates the spirit of exploration and courage that inspired Christopher Columbus’s 1492 expedition, Pride, Culture and the greatest contributions of Italian-Americans in the United States and the World.
It's also, known as " The World’s largest celebration of Italian-American culture", where attendees from all over the world march in the parade with pride. In addition,  It has become a global event throughout the years, where millions of viewers watch on Tv and thousands of spectators gather annualy on the streets of Fifth Avenue to enjoy this special festivity. 
Hundreds of floats from dozen high school bands, Goverment Officials, Culture organizations and traditional folk groups  from the United States and Italy, marched up Fifth Avenue, performing centuries-old dances along, singing traditional songs and waving the Italian flags to the multitute crowd that cheered as they passed saluting on Fifth Avenue.

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