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The Quater-Finals Bracket of 2018 Russia World Cup Were Announced ….!

NEW YORK-RUSSIA(SMI-WIRE,07.05-07.15.18)-The 16's knock-Out round competition of FIFA Russia World Cup concluded, with only eight teams moving into the quater-finals, setting up the bracket for best eight teams of the world, who will compete to move into the next round, playing in quater-final elimination matches, that will begin on Friday July 06, 2018.

There weren't many surprises in the 16's round, except for the host Russia, who defeated Spain 4-3, in penalty shoot-out and eliminating them from the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.The following eight national teams, advanced to the quater-finals after winning their games on the 16's round face: France, Uruguay, Russia, Croacia, Brazil, England, Sweeden & Belgium.



2018 RUSSIA WORLD CUP Quater-Finals Round Brackets & Schedule:

Friday July 06, 2018

URUGUAY  VS  FRANCE      Nizhny Novgorod Stadium    US (Eastern) 10:00am

BRAZIL  VS  BELGIUM         Kazan Arena                          US (Eastern) 14:00pm

Saturday July 07, 2018

SWEEDEN VS ENGLAND    Samara Arena                      US (Eastern) 10:00am

RUSSIA VS CROACIA           Fisht Stadium.                     US (Eastern) 14:00pm

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