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Photo: Robin King (CEO, Navy Seal Foundation), & Edward C. Byers Jr.(US Navy Seal Master Chief)

Dressed To Kilt Shines On Its Annual     Celebrity Charity Fashion Gala Benefiting The Navy Seal Foundation in New York City….!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI FASHION,04.07.19)-" Dressed To Kilt ", known for its annual celebrity charity fashion event featuring Scottish fashion designers in the US, hosted its annual gala this Friday's evening (April 05, 2019), showcasing Native Americans & scottish designers in celebration of

" Tartan Day " and honoring the couture and culture of both Native American tribes and Scottish clans at The Church of the Holy Apostles in Manhattan, NYC.

The ' Dressed To Kilt" is a celebrity fashion charity event that began in 2003. And with the help of Sir & Lady Connery has grown to become one of  the most high profile and prestigious Scottish fashion show in the US & the World. A fashion show where celebrities from the entertainment and sports attend and contribute with the benefit gala by wearing designers collections on the runway.


In addition to be a very colorful and the fashion show, " Dressed To Kilt" is also a benefit fundraising event where most of the proceeds goes to a selected non-profit organization and this year 90% of the raising funds went to The Navy Seal Foundation, a non-profit institution that provides immediate & ongoing support & assistance to the Naval Special warfare community and its families.

" There are today a similar number of Native Americans and Scots, the size of the clans and tribes are similar, and both have histories of persecution.The tribal chiefs and Clan Chief both includes feathers in their headgear." Said Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, chairman & Co-Cost of the gala in his opening statement addressing the full house of attendees.

Edwards C. Byers is a United States Navy Seal Master Chief warfare , who was awarded The Medal of Honor on 29 February 2016 from former President Barac Obama for rescuing and saving the life of a civilian in Afghanistan in 2012. Byers Along with United States Army Major William D. Swenson are the only two Medal of Honor recipients currently serving on active duty.







The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are the US Navy's special force unit and a division of the Naval Special Warfare Command. The SEALs' main functions are conducting small-unit maritime military operations that originate from, and return to, a river, ocean, swamp, delta, or coastline.The SEALs are trained to operate in all environments (sea, air, and land) for which they are named.

For those that are not familiar with the military title  "Master Chief Navy Seals" and

and what it takes to become part of this unit, we recommend to watch this movie

 " G.I. Jane ", just to give you an idea from the entertainment side what this unit of the military is all about and it also serves as motivation film to never give-up on your personal and professional dreams or goals.

Notable Attendees & Celebrities that walked the runway Included:

  1. Master Chief Edward Byers
    US Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient (with daughter Hannah) 

  2. The Countess of Luca:Founder of Lucan Fashion 

  3. Andrew Cullen:Scottish survivor of 9/11 

  4. Jayde Donavan:Very popular New York City radio host - 

  5. Thom and Max Evans:Brothers, Hunky Scottish rugby international stars 

  6. Lea Gabrielle:FOXNews journalist and former US Navy fighter pilot 

  7. Hotties Who Hunt :Kanaiehtiio Horn

  8. Canadian actor, grew up on the Mohawk Reserve near Montreal, Quebec 

  9. Jessica Matten :Award-winning Canadian actor: Member of the Metis Tribe

  10.  Michael Jamieson:Scottish Olympic Silver Medalist – Swimming (London 2012 )

  11. Robin King President of the Navy SEAL Foundation 

  12. Native American lacrosse players

  13. NASA Astronaut:celebration of Neil Armstrong and the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

  14. irst Native American international super modeoner: “The Sport of Kings

Designers Brands that participated at the fashion show were:

  1. Calzeat & Co. Ltd

  2. Judith R Clark

  3. House of Cheviot

  4. GlenIsla Kilts

  5. Harris Tweed Hebrides

  6. Horse Country Life

  7. Iroquois Tribe Designers

  8. KEVIN’S Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel

  9. Kiltane

  10. Lucan Fashion

  11. Stacey Mitchell

  12. Mohawk Tribe Designers

  13. Prophetik

  14. Red Berry Woman

  15. Slanj

  16. Totty Rocks

  17. Wabigonikwe Tenasco

  18. Walker Slater

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