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Grammy-award Winning/R&B Sensation " Ashanti " Made 

Her Film's Producer Debut with the Movie " Stuck " to Be Premiere In Select Theaters Across The US on April 19, 2019..! 

NEW YORK,NY(SMI ENTERTAINMENT-04.16.19)-Grammy- award winning /R&B sensation "Ashanti ", made her debut as co-executive film producer with the modern musical film " Stuck ", during a special screening with most cast in attendance prior to the premiere nationwide in select theaters across the US on April 19, 2019 at the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan.


" STUCK "is a modern pop musical set almost entirely on the New York City subway. Through the power of music, six commuters who get stuck together on a New York City subway learn about each others very different lives, and in turn, have a profound effect on one another, becoming a day they will never forget. 


A sensational and entertaining musical story,  recommended for all audiences for its diversity cast representing most of the ethnic groups in teh film, engaging  from starts to finish and educational where everybody can learn and help each other despite our culture differences if you take time to pay attention to the fellowmen.

The music and songs in the film are all original with musical styles specific to each character – a lyrical and musical extension of their culture, thoughts, story and experience with elements of Pop, Rap, Rock, Classical and Motown – set almost entirely on the New York City Subway. 


Stuck was directed by Michael Berry from a screenplay by Michael Berry based on the Stage musical by Riley Thomas. It was produced by Mike Witherill (John Wick franchise) and Joe Mundo, executive produced by Ashanti, with original music by Riley Thomas, Tim Young and Ben Maughan.


Michael Berry says, ““Stuck is one of the most, rewarding and challenging projects I have ever been associated with. The characters, music and events in Stuck are meant to be a celebration of the heart, grit, generosity and diversity that I have experienced in the people of New York City. It is my hope that the experience of the 6 diverse characters trapped on the train, will inspire and remind audiences that no matter who we are or where we come from, we are much more alike than different and now more than ever, we need to meet each other with compassion.” 


MJW Films and Eammon Films will theatrically release the film on April 19th.

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