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The Viennese Opera Ball Celebrated

Its 65th Annual Gala on Benefit  Of 

The Musical Program at SKCC

in The Big Apple…!

NEW YORK, NY (SMI-PHILANTHROPY, 02.08.20)-The Viennese Opera Ball of New York, considered the most prestigious and oldest Viennese ball outside of Vienna, commemorated its 65th annual Cultural and Economic relatioship gala between Austria and America this evening(Friday February 07, 2020) on benefit of the Musical Therapy Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and with the support from The Gabriell's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research at Cipriani's-42nd in New York City.

The Viennese Opera Ball of New York was founded by Austrians whom immigrated to the United States 65 years ago and it's held annually with a white tie charity gala in celebration of the cultural and economic relationships between Austria & America and charitable projects connected to the communities in New York and Vienna.

This annual elegant gala draws a vast audience of international attendees that includes diplomats and dignitaries, international corporations and professionals from all industries.

The Viennese Ball it's also known for having special performances by Metropolitan opera singers, a renowned orchestra, ballet performances and a dance party to entertaint the audience the night away on its annual gala.


About Musical Therapy :

Cross-cultural beliefs have long held that music has a healing effect on mind and body. Music can promote relaxation and distract from pain associated with many illnesses. It can also relieve anxiety and distress.

Music therapy emerged as a formal discipline in the US in the 1940 and more active forms are used for rehabilitation, enrichment, and simple enjoyment. Patients may listen to, play, and even write their own music with guidance from a professionally trained music therapist. Often this process evolves to give meaning and voice to complex emotions that patients may struggle to otherwise articulate. It can also strengthen and enhance communications and support from loved ones. Patient state, physical surroundings, instrument choices, the desire to self-select or create music, and cultural backgroundsare among the considerations that may direct therapy.In addition, cancer guidelines recommend music therapy for anxiety, stress reduction, depression, and mood disorders. 

The Viennese Gala of New York was hosted by American actor and singer Nathan Lee Graham and the notable attendees included: Members of the Board:Silvia Frieser (President & Executive Director) &  Daniel Serafin (Treasurer & Director)

Opera Stars:Joyce El-Khoury, Ewa Plonka, Limmie Pulliam,Michael Spyres. Music By Viennese Opera Ball & Matthias Fletzberger(Conductor). GALA CHAIRS: Elisabeth Muhr, Denise Rich, & Jean Shafiroff. Honorable Gala Chair: The Honorable Michael Ludwig(Mayor of Vienna), and Honorary Guests: Florence Hvorostovsky and Ann Ziff.

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PHOTO: DENISE RICH(Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Founder)
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