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Part II: 2021-World-Class Short Films Shine at the 20th Edition at Tribeca Film Festival in the Big Apple….!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.09.-06.20.21)-The Tribeca Film Festival that it's celebrating its 20th edition and resumed its indoor screening with audience after it was suspended in 2020 due to the Corona-19 virus,  will conclude this upcoming Sunday 20, with another sensational and successful season featuring world-class films from all over the world with outdoor & indoor audience and home streaming screenings for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated covered this year Festival vitually and reviewed some of the most interesting, educational and entertaining short films at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

Last Meal: The final feasts of death row inmates are served up in this investigation of capital punishment.

Category: Documentary  CREDITS:Directed by Daniel Principe and Marcus McKenzie

Marcus McKenzie and Daniel Principe are an award-winning Australian filmmaking team working under the moniker Cinemâché. Shifting between the worlds of narrative and documentary storytelling, their work spans both film and television.


Far less of an indictment on the legal system than one would think given how it began. It is an interesting look at just this, Last Meals. Some enjoyed, some not, some served, some not, some fully filled others not, some never to be served again. Some injustice brought up, some contrasting states ways of dealing with crime, at times still borne out in the menus requested.


Rise Up:Who is the definitive modern role model for mankind? Is it a politician? A writer? A scientist? Twelve remarkable children from around the world give their answers.

Category:Documentary/ Drama CAST & CREDITS:Directed by Bryan Buckley

Bryan Buckley is a two-time Oscar®-nominated writer and director. Buckley's work is in the Museum Of Modern Art's permanent collection. He has won the DGA award, multiple Emmy® awards, and over 60 Cannes Lions.


From the mouths of more than babes, but still rather young come much wisdom. Those worldwide chosen to address issues effecting their world have so many of the same ideas, where have the adults gone wrong and why?  Despite their youth, each are making an impact on their little corner of the earth, hoping each are able to grow their influence in the decades to come.



David:David (William Jackson Harper) needs help. So does David (Fred Hechinger)

Category: Comedy  CAST & CREDITS:Directed by Zach Woods

CAST:Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper, Fred Hechinger, Corey Jantzen, Sebastian Vale

Zach Woods currently stars in Armando Iannucci’s follow-up HBO series to Veep, Avenue5.

He co-wrote the short film, David, which is also his directorial debut. David was the sole official short film selection from the U.S. to compete in this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


A pair of Davids with issues in this rare non comedic turn for Wil Ferrell. Each David with issues, one more outward, not nearly as serious as the other which is wholly inward, he relents to the younger and all make out. The younger loses in an event but wins by way of those in attendance for him, more than addressing his dilema.

CHERRY LEMONADE:On a hot summer day in the hood, a Black girl (Eris Baker) learns to take the lead on her own terms. 

Category: Drama  CAST & CREDITS:Directed by Aisha Ford

Aisha Ford is an award-winning filmmaker studying as a graduate film student at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. She has written and directed short films broadcast on platforms such as the American Black Film Festival Independent TV series and screened at multiple film festivals across the country.


Older brother looking out for younger sister, not appreciated. He pays her back in kind, causing her strife, only to be a learning lesson. He gives her a missed treat and is repaid as she exceeds his teachings in the unwelcomed teachings.



Waves:A Black, deaf teen (Omete Anassi) wants “Waves” for prom night, but his haircut falls into the hands of an inattentive, rookie barber (Jason Dalhouse).

Category: Drama  CAST & CREDITS:Directed by Agazi Desta

Agazi Desta is a first-generation Ethiopian-American writer and director from Boston. Coming from a humble background, he has a profoundly innate interest in drawing vision from the communities surrounding him.

Cast: Omete Anassi, Jason Dalhouse, Larry Banks, Eric Davis, Dameon Victorian, Barry Wilkins, Derrick Stephon Miller, Terrell Wilds.


All ready for his Prom, a young man with big hair and poor hearing begins with a miscommunication and misunderstanding which in the end has all pulling for him. Bonds are built in the barber's chair, all begin awkward yet end as friends, allies even. Wave to Fade and back again, a tale of redemption for 2 young men just starting out in life. Only flowers were hurt in the making of this short.

Milk Toffee:Bound by Christ to tell the truth, a Goan schoolteacher (Tanvika Parlikar) is about to report an erring child (Shaurya Neer). But a revelation forces her to choose between the moral and the human.

Category: Drama  CAST & CREDITSDirected by Pulkit Arora

Pulkit Arora is a filmmaker based in India and New Zealand. During his screenwriting career, he has created episodic series and led writing rooms for Disney+ and Netflix India. Milk Toffee is his directorial debut.

CAST:Tanvika Parlikar, Shaurya Neer, Mohammed Huzef, William Rodrigues, Bertha & Joey


Thou shalt not steal, then she lies, stating she did the act, the nun in attempting to protect a young one, exposes herself to an angry, violent parent. This young nun did the right thing and may pay the price for it, no good deed goes unpunished.  In the end she steals, after telling one suspect, he is always being watched by god from above, she simply tuns her back to him, if momentarily. So many plays on words here, not really hidden but in a way camouflaged meanings.




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