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 NEW YORK, N Y (SMI-ENTERTAINMENT, 10.31.22)-The New York's 49th Annual Village Halloween Parade took place last Monday October 31, with the theme " Freedom " commemorating the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Saint's Day and remembering the dead at the West Willage, in Manhattan, NYC.

Halloween is an annual festivity  around the world originated in Ireland and Scotland whom celebrated for centuries prior to Irish and Scottish immigrants bringing the Halloween customs to America in the 19th century and spreading it around the world in the late 20th century. 

This Holiday and its festivities consist of customs like trick-or-treating, customs parties are organized as well as carving pumpkins or turnips into, playing pranks, visiting haunted attactions, telling scary stories, and watching horror theme films with friends or family members.

The parade kicked-off  at 7:00pm from Canal St and 6th Avenue with over 89 groups marched heading North on Six Avenue to West 15th Street, in NYC.


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