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World-Class Short Films Sparkle at the 2022-21th Tribeca Film Festival in the New York City….!1

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.08.-06.19.22)-The 2022-Tribeca Film Festival concluded its 21st-edition with another sensational and successful season featuring world-class films from all over the world with outdoor & indoor audience and home streaming screenings during 11-days slate for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated had the opportunity to watch some featured films including

shorts films through the streaming screening portal and we found the following shorts below interesting, peculiar and entertaining.


Five-0: Is a French short-narrative film directed by Smaïl Alaoui Fdili, written by Yassine Ramdani and produced by Ladj Ly, Dimitri Krassoulia-Vronsky. The short is about a young spotter named Amin with the a fluent tongue, meet Isabelle, a theater director from Paris who sees the chance for Amin to become a soloist in her opera.


A group of young nerds do wells, one, a look out for the local criminals. His call out of the police catches the ear of one involved in Opera. Is he able to transform himself to the high class of such things, does he have the chops? The voice may be worked on, the behavior as well, but his inner self, that in the end is the crux of this short. 


Fever Dream:Is a Short film directed, written and produced by Ania Hendryx Wójtowicz.Hawaiian's native filmmaker Erin Lau and executive produced by Paula Weinstein and Nina Chaudry.Fever, and dream. Where do we go from here? "Do not leave the house.


Clearly shot in the time of covid, most are all suited up in PPE, in medical or private settings, as if in isolation. Cinematography akin to that of Blair Witch adds to the frenzy of this short. Coughing used as a backdrop drives home the message well of this battle being waged on all fronts. It does directly address those who cared for those involved in the project who contracted this virus. The isolation was brought up numerous times, the starkness of being alone a repeating theme. It did deal with the wrath of Corona in a way that will be relevant for years to come.

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