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World-Class Short Films Sparkle at the 2022-21th Tribeca Film Festival in the New York City….!1

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.08.-06.19.22)-The 2022-Tribeca Film Festival concluded its 21st-edition with another sensational and successful season featuring world-class films from all over the world with outdoor & indoor audience and home streaming screenings during 11-days slate for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated had the opportunity to watch some featured films including

shorts films through the streaming screening portal and we found the following shorts below interesting, peculiar and entertaining.


Bardo: Is an Irish short-animation film directed and written by Aisling Conroy and produced by Claire Lennon with Clare Barrett, Olwen Fouéré. 


An elderly woman reminisces of her youth as a party girl, drugs, dance and drink. She is not sad for having had such times, but seems far more at peace, now, in the countryside. It is quite the juxtaposition of her earlier day. She it seems has found her home in the far more rural setting. Shows how as time passes, our wants do so as well, each time may be just right for that point and time of one's life.


Closing Dynasty: Is a Short film directed and written by Lloyd Lee Choi. The shorts is about a precocious 7-year old girl named Queenie(Played by Milinka Winata) who instead attending school uses her ingenuity to hustle money in the street of New York City to help her family.

The movie title is show at the very end, so watch it all. Her story, a bit of a typical immigrant story with NYC playing a huge role in the short. Lower Manhatten is a young girl, 7 year old Queenie's playground, she is perhaps a modern day 'Lil Rascal, clearly not a Bowery Boy type. Queenie is a petty thief who does go big twice, one may just have been a huge haul. She has the spoils of the day with her as she sees a sad business transaction conducted by her father. In being new to this country some things clearly fall through tthe tracks as she is let to roam all day into the evening. A great watch and holds the attention of the viewer throughout.

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