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2024-29th Rendez-Vouz with French Cinema Kicked-Off with 3-time Cesar Award winning film "The Animal Kingdom" on its opening gala with director Thomas Cailley and renowned French actress "Marion Cotillard" walking the  red carpet at Lincoln Center in New York City...! 

NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT-FEB. 29-MARCH 10, 2024)-Unifrance and Film at Lincoln Center kicked-off its 2024-29th annual Rendez-Vous with French cinema festival last evening Thursday Feb. 29, featuring " The Animal Kingdom" on its opening gala with director Thomas Cailley in attendance and renowned actress Marion Cotillard walking the red carpet representing her latest film " Little Girl Blue" at the Walter-Read Theater, Lincoln Center in New York City.The Rendez-Vouz with French Cinema showcases annually a line-up of diversified genres of vigorous, ingenuity and profound animation of contemporary French cinema of renowned and rising stars film directors.The 29th edition of The Rendez-Vouz with French Cinema will take place from February 29-March 10, 2024 at Walter-Read Theater, Lincoln Center.The film directors and main film cast who walked the carpet were:
Marion Cotillard, actress and film cast in Little Girl Blue:Cotillard is a renowned french actress who has won numerous awards including an Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and 2-Cesar awards.
Mona Achache, director of Little Girl Blue: The lives and legacies of three generations of extraordinary women artists are unpacked in Mona Achache’s hybrid documentary examining the fraught life and complicated legacy of her mother Carole, blurring the line between truth and fiction to create a rounded portrait of a troubled but outstandingly creative mind.
Thomas Cailley, director of The Animal Kingdom: a french film director and3-time 2014-Cesar award winner including for best feature film with  " Love at     First Fight " and 3-Cesar award winner at 2024-49th Annual Cesar Award with"The Animal Kingdom ".
 When mankind is plagued with a mysterious infection that selectively mutates the bodies of ordinary people into animal hybrids, widower François (Romain Duris) and his teenage son Émile (Paul Kircher) must fight to survive in Thomas Cailley’s darkly imaginative exploration of a human ecosystem undergoing inexplicablebbut potentially liberatingbtransformation.
Additional Directors and cast who walked the carpet:
Marie Amachoukeli, director of Ama Gloria
Pascal Bonitzer, director of Auction
Nathan Ambrosioni, director of Toni
Ladj Ly, director of Les Indésirables
Ramata-Toulaye Sy, director of Banel & Adama
Anna Novion, director of Marguerite's Theorem
Jean Pierre Darroussin, actor in Marguerite's TheoremIris
Kaltenbäck, director of The Rapture 

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