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Peace in The Valley Glitter at the 2022-21th Tribeca Film Festival in the New York City….!1

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.08.-06.19.22)-The 2022-Tribeca Film Festival concluded its 21st-edition with another sensational and successful season featuring over 111 feature films, 16 online and 80+ world-premieres from 151 filmmakers across 40 countries with outdoor, special talks, indoor audience and home streaming screenings during 11-days slate for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated had the opportunity to watch some featured films including shorts films through the streaming screening portal, and we found the following films themes below interesting, educational and entertaining.

Peace in the valley is a drama film directed by US Tyler Riggs and co-produced by Andrew Cariberg and Brit Shaw that made its world premiere at 2022-21st edition of the Tribeca Film festival in New York City. 

Carol & Johnny, (United States) – Feature Documentary, World Premiere. Two of the most infamous bank robbers in American history, Carol Marie Williams & Johnny Madison Williams Jr., tell their love story in their own words. Directed and written by Colin Barnicle. Produced by Barnicle Brothers with Words and Pictures. With Johnny Madison Williams, Carol Hawkins Williams.


Colin Barnicle’s Carol & Johnny is a documentary about Carol and Johnny Williams, a couple who robbed 56 banks across the American West in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After serving decades-long jail sentences for their crimes, Johnny and Carol can finally get back together again — but will they? The pace sometimes creeps here, but Carol & Johnny gives viewers a unique window into ordinary lives blown apart by extraordinarily tragic choices. 


It turns into a record of their love. A love that has endured despite not being together. Carol, after her release, relocated to Dallas to take care of a dying aunt. After his compassionate release, Johnny was in a halfway house in Seattle. They both talk of their love affair. Sometimes they are together in their memories. Sometimes they diverge. The love is still full on for Johnny while Carol has some doubts. Things have changed for her. Yet they stay married. 

We get a taste of how incarcerated people, once they are released have to adjust to the world. Or readjust. To them, the world seems to have gone on without them. Changed a lot. They have to figure out how to make a legitimate living. Deal with how others and their families see them. 

The way their story has been chosen to be told changes the focal point. The true crime aspect is just there for colour. Yes, they were bank robbers but it is love that is center stage. How even the strongest of loves can change/evolve over decades. Johnny dreams of making a living and going to Carol and whisking her off to Arizona to live. Carol, on the other hand, is not sure she wants to reconnect with her husband. They remain separated (by location and outlook) while still linked.





Photo:Suvi(Wife) & Tyler Riggs(US Director)
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