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Recent News: Celebrity Night @ "Big Stone Gap " Movie  Premiere

                            & Adriana Trigiani's Director Debut in the Big Apple !


SMI Entertainment /September 04, 2015
NEW YORK (SMI-WIRE,09.24.15)Picturehouse, the New York-based independent film company distributing quality films and connecting exciting filmakers to audiences in theaters, launched this evening the Movie Premiere of " BIG STONE GAP " with celebrities Ashley Judd, Jenna Elfman,Whoopi Goldberg & Adriana Trigiani's debut as film director walked the red carpet @ the LAndmark Sunshine Moview Theater in New York City.
Adriana Trigiani, in her debut as screenwriter/director, brings her best-selling novel " BIG STONE GAP " to the movies.BIG STONE GAP, shot entirely on location in Trigiani's hometown, is the story of proud working people and their lives in a coal mining town nestled in the southwest corner of Virginia, deep in the Appalachian Mountains. Ave Maria Mulligan (Ashley Judd), the town's self proclaimed spinster, has resigned herself to a quiet life of singlehood and being useful.
She works in her family's pharmacy, delivers the prescriptions herself, and directs the town's annual outdoor drama until one day she learns of a long-buried family secret that changes the course of hewr life forever. The all-star cast includes, in addition to Ashley Judd: Patrick Wilson (whosw own family has had roots in Big Stone Gap for generations), Whoopi Goldberg, John Benjamin Hickey, Judith Ivey, Anthony LaPaglia, Chris Sarandon, Jasmin Guy, Jane Krakowski, James Hampton, Paul Wilson, Mary Pat Gleason, Dagmara Domincyzk, Mary Testa and Jenna Elfman, who dramatize the story alongside local actors and performers.The cinematography is by Reynaldo Villalobos. The original music is by John Leventhal. Costumes are by Debra McGuire. The movie was produced by Donna Gigliotti and James Spies. Executive producers are Joseph Craig and Jean Morrissey.Picturehouse will release the
film nationwide on October 09, 2015. 



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