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Desigual Shines at New York Fashion Week with "The Metropolis " Collection !

 NEW YORK (SMI-WIRE,02.11.16)The renowned spaniard fashion label " Desigual" " opened New York Fashion Week Winter/Fall 2016 with a spectacular fashion show, exhibiting a rainbow of colorful prints and designs with a theme called " Metropolis".

A collection inspired from the ancients to the 21th century, where people from around the palnet gather to share & experience their own stories.Desigual looks to the vibrancy of city life & all its creative lifeblood for its Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

The collection's aesthetic is a metaphor for the 21st century city, visualized as a cultural collage, where technology, trends and global culture now are one.Every day is an opportunity to express yourself and wear your attitute to face the world, especailly against the backdrop of the urban bustle.

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