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Bayern of Munich Head Coach Carlo Ancelotti @ International Champions Cup Press Conference !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,08.02.16)The german top-ranked soccer club " Bayern of Munich " & it's new head coach Carlo Ancelotti, attended the press conference in NYC prior to the colossal match against Real Madrid tomorrow @ Metlife and this is what he said:"

Carlo Ancelotti:I'ts great to see my old friends, staff and my players of two years.Its nice to see Zizou (Zinedine Zidane) again and wish him good in the season with Real Madrid".Said Angelotti about meeting his old club Real Madrid in Int'l Champions Cup!

Carlos Ancelotti: The team looks good (Bayern of Munich), we are trying to accomplish all that is necesary to do well in the competition during the season and try to win

 as many gaames , that's normal idea for a team like the Bayern of Munich.Said Ancelotti about the Bayern how he sees the club and what are the plans for the upcoming season.

Carlo Ancelotti: We have different styles,we have different ideas and personalities as clubs and coaches, of course it will be great and I told Guardiola we will have to fix this

Said Angelotti regarding about 'Would He Like to face Real Madrid n the Finals ?

Carlo Angelotti: Pressure for this job....not  You have to try to do your best ,our jobs is always to have pressure because every team or club has to reach their own goal,

I don't think pressure is not too bad in my opinion , sometime you have to get motivated ,pressure is the gasoline for the triumph.Said Ancelotti regarding" After your departure from Real Madrid, Do you feel any pressure that now with Bayern of Munich You have to win consecutive Championships titles ?.....

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