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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT JUNE 7-JUNE 18, 2023)-The Tribeca Festival concluded its 22nd annual edition in sensational style-after featuring over 250+ films (Feature, Viewpoints, Shorts, Documentary & Special screenings), and 600+ events (Audio Storytelling,Talks, Games, Music & others), during eleven days slate that included a diverse line-up of emerging talents and renowned storytellers from around the world.

The winners of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival Storytellers Competition winners were announced: 

During the 11-days slate of the festival, Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend and write a review of Cinnamon;




" Cinnamon " : A Thriller, romance and drama film directed by Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. who made his debut as a film director, and Co-produced by Oz Scott & Kevin Garnett.The film is about an aspiring singer with a gifted voice and a big dream who struggle to make a living as gas station attendant.Then She meets and falls in love with a small time conman where both embarked together into a journey in search for their dreams but have to use their street smarts to overcome all the obstacles that come their way.    

Possibly named as an homage to Brown Sugar from the 1970’s Blaxploitation films, this one features one of that genres stand out stars in Pam Grier. Joined by Damon Wayans, best known for his comedy, here he plays a multi faced player. Bankrolled by the crime family headed by Pam, he has both a gas station that has been robbed and is far better known for his TV commercials for his car lot. Grier is not easy to deal with and has a maniacal son to carry out her wishes. A young couple is caught up in their dealing with all and it adds a totally different feel to this film.

Who else but Grier would play this role, a great foil is found in Wayans and their supporting cast is great. The young man plays a very convincing role and there are a few plot twists. I would recommend this film to all of age, even more so to those who may have followed similar movies of a few decades ago.

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