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Part III: 2021-World-Class Short Films Shine at the 20th Edition at Tribeca Film Festival in the Big Apple….!

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.09.-06.20.21)-The Tribeca Film Festival that it's celebrating its 20th edition and resumed its indoor screening with audience after it was suspended in 2020 due to the Corona-19 virus,  will conclude this upcoming Sunday 20, with another sensational and successful season featuring world-class films from all over the world with outdoor & indoor audience and home streaming screenings for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated covered this year Festival vitually and reviewed some of the most interesting, educational and entertaining short films at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

 LIZA ANONYMOUSIn LIZA ANONYMOUS a lonely millennial addicted to support groups disguises herself in different personas while trying to fit in, leading her on a theatrical journey. 

Category: Comedy  CREDITS:Directed by Aubrey Smyth

Cast:Danielle Beckmann, Daniel Fox, Rafael Sardina, Malikha Mallette, Sharon Gallardo

Aubrey Smyth is an award-winning film and commercial director of comedic narratives and socioeconomic documentaries. She is a lover of witty dialogue and props, and she adores a dolly track. She directs for brands such as Netflix, Google, and Amazon, and with talents including Mark Ruffalo, Priyanka Chopra, and Laverne Cox. 


We all spend time in our lives bouncing from one circle of friends to another, one job to the next, interests change. Here, Liza does it knowingly just to more hide herself than to find her true self. Although I do not feel she had a mal intent in her bouncing around, playing chameleon, it would be hurtful to the others, and is called out upon being caught. Luckily a leader in one group was very helpful, getting her into a group where she fit, no longer wearing a mask of new clothes, make up and personality, she actually wears a mask.  Herein lies a life lesson, try to see where you fit in , do not adjust to those around you, in time you will find your community, and it will be like home. 


THE KICKSLED CHOIR:A boy (Benoni Brox Krane) in a winter landscape stands up for his own beliefs, regardless of what his father (Stig Henrik Hoff) says. 

Category:Drama/Short CAST & CREDITS:Directed by Torfinn Iversen

Cast: Benoni Brox Krane, Stig Henrik Hoff, Kahled Saleh Ankila, Nicholai Evans

Torfinn Iversen holds a bachelor’s degree from Lillehammer University College and graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2009. His debut feature, Oskars Amerika, premiered at Berlin International Film Festival. The Kicksled Choir was shortlisted for the 93rd Academy Awards®.

From having no idea of what they are to wanting a Kick Sled, this was a great short. Similar to here, a group goes around to sing in the winter, caroling for money to help others. Usually for those far away in need, one character has a run in with one they help, as his son wants to join the choir against his wishes. The man is known as the local crazy man on the hill who had his wife leave, yet his son is quite normal. By way of the son's efforts, the father makes good on his misdeed, the son joins the choir. We just need to find the soft spot in some to bring out the good in them.  

Nando:Told through the context of a poem, a young boy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil dreams to see beyond the harsh realities that surround him. 

Category: Doc Drama Sports   CREDITS:Directed by Alec Cutter 

CAST:Luis Fernando Fernandes (Nando), Seu Jorge

Alec Cutter is an American filmmaker. Born in Seattle, he now splits time living between New York City and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nando will be his debut film. He tells stories in the feature documentary and narrative spaces.

As is common in his part of the world, Nando is just outside of where he wants to be, with no easy way out of his or into the next. Where he lives is described as a cocoon that may smother him. He has his dream, in the end he achieves it. A great message for all especially young ones, I hope this is used world wide for those in dire straits to realize, there is in fact hope, it is possible.

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