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Eminent Spaniard Fashion Designer 

" Custo Barcelona " Astound New York Fashion Week-Fall-Winter 2018-2019 with

" Yes, This Is Me " Latest Collection…!

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,02.08.-02.14.18)-Renowned Spaniard designer ' Custo Barcelona "

brought new enlightenment to the NYFW arena with latest collection entitled: " Yes, This is Me ", with looks to empower a creative, powerful & confident modern women, during the third day of New York Fashion Week-Fall-Winter 2018-2019 in New York City.


Custo Barcelona was born with legal name Custo Dalmau in  Leida, Spain and has been exhibiting its irresistible collections on the runway of New York Fashion week since 1997.


The new collection " Yes. This Is Me " were designed for women wanting to freely express their individuality and strength in the face of  life's numerous challenges.


Creativity and innovation are the defining concepts behinds each piece, from fabrics used to the new silhouettes and asymetrics lines experimented with this new collection.The resulting designs are comfortable with their elastic materials and daring in their aesthetics. The Collection seeks to create a unique wardrobe for new generations of women who are betting on themselves and on their future.


The dresses, both mini and maxi, are the key designs of this collection.With volumes ranging from close-fitting to baggy, they are assemble from multiple cuts of fabrics such as velvet, very fine silks, knitted jacquard, shimmering nylon, and even lace.

Suggestive openings and unusual fabrics play leading roles in the oversized coats, with designs built  from iridescent transparencies and eco-leather combined with feathers and nylon with iridescent sheen.This extended version of the collection also incorporates innovative coats made from deconstructed jackets converted into longer pieces.


Such an empowering collection could not be lacking in brightness whether by night night or day. Fabrics and metallic elements in gold, silver, and copper tones confirm the power

of the woman who fearlessly asserts that she is here to stay. Another key element is the fusing and superimposing of technical fabrics finished by hand with decorative

details such as appliqués metallic passementerie, embroidery, patchwork, and feathers.


As a novelty, Custo Barcelona presented the new looks from this collection with special emphasis on its graphic dresses in lurex silk to light up the finale of its walk

on the New York runway. Multicolored handbags, shades with iridescent lenses, and customized sandal are reinforcing the idea of this new woman who celebrates her

individuality and pursues a feminine future fearlessly and with determination. The woman enjoins the world to prepare itself for the change she will bring about with the strength of her voice and the energy of her spirit.

Article Written & Photos By Marcello Cutti Jr.


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