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Photo:Luna Jordan, Anna Roller(German's film director), Naemi Nicolaise & Katharina Star

NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT JUNE 7-JUNE 18, 2023)-The Tribeca Festival concluded its 22nd annual edition in sensational style-after featuring over 250+ films (Feature, Viewpoints, Shorts, Documentary & Special screenings), and 600+ events (Audio Storytelling,Talks, Games, Music & others), during eleven days slate that included a diverse line-up of emerging talents and renowned storytellers from around the world.

The winners of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival Storytellers Competition winners were announced: 

During the 11-days slate of the festival, Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend and write a review of the International narrative world premiere 

of " Dead Girls Dancing ":



" Dead Girls Dancing: A drama film narrative directed by German's film director Anna Roller and Co-producers Katharina Kolleczek, Lea Neu, Laure Parleani, Bérénice Vincent, Christian Becker, & Uli Putz  

Cast: Luna Jordan, Noemi Liv Nicolaisen, Katharina Stark, Sara Giannelli 

Wow was this not was expected, a few friends finish High School, then head out on their own for a summer trip. Fully expecting a coming of age type of experience, it makes a sharp turn in a whole other direction. Seeking housing, they met a new person who they take under their

wing, or was it the other way around? Watch and determine this for yourself. They wind up in an abandoned neighborhood, no idea of why, no, not telling you either. He longer they are there freer they feel, see how that turns out. Even a simple flat tire becomes an adventure.

This is a story of people, how they influence each other, changes in their behavior given varying environments. What you will do for those close to you, things you would not have imagined just a short time before. Well worth he watch.

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