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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-WOMEN-ENTERTAINMENT, 12.03-12.07.22)-US Film director and Academy award winning writer Thomas H. Schulman (Dead Poets Society), with producer Rick Wallace (LA Law) and cast Rebecca Lines("SheiLa") attended the EastCoast premiere of their latest film " Double Down South, "as they all walked the red carpet prior to the screening at the 2022 Dances With Films Festival in New York City.

" DOUBLE DOWN SOUTH "  is a drama-thriller film, written and directed by Academy Award© winning director Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society, writer), who exposes the dangerous and illegal high stakes keno pool gambling in rural South of America from mysogyny to occasional racism at the turn of new Millennium (21 Century). 

A newcomer in town, Lili Simmons who plays " Diana " in the film meets Nick (Play by Kim Coates) who runs an illegal keno-betting salon from an old plantation mansion located in a remote forest area. He sees her mental toughness as a money-making opportunity and takes her under his wing to train her to win against the odds and lure high-roller kino players to enter into the tournaments. The final test for Diana is to test her resilience in a man's world sport by facing Beaumont DuBinion (Justin McManus, “Power Book II: Ghosts”), the undisputed world’s greatest keno pool player, who had heated arguments and violent physical encounters with Nick in the past.

A good film engaging, educational and entertaining and recommended for all audiences.







Photo:Tom Schulman(Dir./Writer),Rebecca Lines (Cast) & Rick Wallace(producer),
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