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Short, Short & More Short Films that Shine at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival & Others….!

New York,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.28-06.29.21)-The 20th Edition of the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival concluded the weekend of June 20, not before leaving the audience wanting more as Starlight Illustrated features & review more of the best short films of Tribeca and others that has shined so far during the year of 2021.


GRACELAND:A mother's life (Played by Anna Camp) turns upside down when her ten-year-old daughter (Played by Katie Beth West) claims to be a reincarnation of the king of rock and roll " Elvis Presley". 

CREDITSDirected by Bonnie Discepolo 

CAST:Anna Camp, Monique Coleman, Daniel Eric Gold, Katie Beth West 

Directed by Bonnie Discepolo

Bonnie Discepolo directs films that feature women and young people who challenge patriarchal norms, with a sense of humor. Discepolo was a filmmaker on Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without A Crew and a 2015 Sundance Sloan Commissioning grant semi-finalist.

Young girl expressing herself in a way in which she is comfortable the parents, though young are not grasping it at first. She finds of their displeasure and denies herself for their sake, they see the light and cheer her on. What a great story of how long it may take for others to not even grasp but accept what loved ones do. This is a great short for all those with children and young ones in their lives, yes maybe a phase, maybe not.















ESTHER IN WONDERLAND:A young Hasidic married women(Played Naian González Norvind), push the envelope of her restricted Hasidic community, when she find herself interested to the world of hip hop and breakdance during the 1990's in

New York City.

CREDITS: Directed by Stephanie Bollag

CAST:Naian González Norvind, Martha Bernabel, Sawandi Wilson, Pesach Eisen, Odylle Beder, Jennifer Acosta, Nadjaya Delgado, Samantha Dunn

Stephanie Bollag is an award-winning filmmaker from Zurich, Switzerland based in New York. She holds a master’s degree in directing and writing from New York University and previously wrote, directed, and produced films across Europe and Israel. Bollag’s first feature-length film, an expansion of Esther In Wonderland, is currently in development.

How much more against her faith can the lead go, she is expected to bear children for her

husband, yet is on birth control. Sharing a bit of her culture, food with the break dancers as

Crown Heights was literally burning. A bit shy to join in with them, she does her dancing in her sanctum, the bathroom, behind a locked door. Is she really breaking with her religion or just allowing some of the modern world to creep in, either way such a great contrast shown very well.

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