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New York State Officials in The Spotlight @ FHRP Annual Playground Committee's Luncheon !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,01.29.16)The Friends of Hudson River Park Playground Committee hosted it's annual Playground Committee Luncheon to celebrate & promote everything Hudson River Park has to offer, especially as it relates to children.The Playground Committee works to gather support from the local community & raise funds for the park play areas, sporting fields, equipment,environment education programs & events.


Hudson River Park, which runs from Chambers Street to 59th along Manhattan's west side, receives no public funding for its annual operating budget, so public support events such as this one is crucial to guarantee that this urban oasis continues to flourish and grow.Presented by Friends of Hudson Rver Park Playground Committee, a group of parents working to promote

and support the Park and particular all it offers children, proceeds from

from the Luncheon wil directly benefit the Park's maintenance,beautification and operational needs.


Attendees from NY & NYC State officials such:


Carey Johnson, NYC Council Member

Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President

Richard Gottfried, NYC Assembly Member 

Brad Hoylman, New York State Senador

Karen Bergreen, Comedian


Additional Attendees

Jasmine Barr,Jill Bouquard,Kristin Cederholm, Coral Dawson,Claudine De Niro, Kerianne Flynn,Tracy Goodwin,Emily Lange Heitner,Catherine Juracich,Julie Hackler King,Ashley Kirkham,Robin Lockwood,Sara Maggio,Alison Marsh,Elizabeth McNellis,Madelyn Mejia,Lauren Silverstein Netter,Jessica Ogilvie,Marlaine Olinick, Allison O'Neill, Kim Pillemer,Alison Porterfeild, Faith Rosen, Joy Semple Sanchez-Mejorada,

Blair Scheuer, Morgan Shara, Megan Sheetz, Randi Sidikaro,

Erin Silvers,Paul Sohn, Robin Stein, Katie Van Pelt Stein,Jenny

Vorhoff, Christine Walsdorf, Greg & Melissa Wasserman.

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