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NEW YORK, NEW YORK (SMI-BUSINESS-RETAIL-12.01-12.05.22)-Who does not like mango ? You will see interesting fruits and vegetables at the Produce Show NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.

One does not realize there are many different varieties of mangoes. Six different varieties like Honey and Kent mangoes are some of them in the US.

Here in the photo are Honey and Kent mango. The yellow smaller mangoes are Honey mango. Honey mango has the smoothest texture of mangoes. They are very creamy and sweet honey flavor.

This mango is considered the champagne of all mangoes. They are not as fiborous as the other varieties. Since they are less fiborous, they leave less residue in smoothies and provide for a smoother blend. It is usually smaller. It has a small seed inside, so there is more mango to enjoy.

These mangoes come from Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico with their peak season from March to June. It originated in Mexico as the Ataulfo mango by Ataufo Morales Gordillo, grower. The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property has protected this variety. Kent mangoes are large and oval shaped with greenish-yellow skin with a red blush. This has a sweet, aromatic, and virtually fiberless yellow flesh.  There are hints of sour notes. The tree grows lots of mangoes. The peak availability is around from December to early February.

They are grown in Mexico,  Ecuador, and Peru. Kent mango has high levels of vitamin C, fiber, pectin, and potassium. 

Article Written & Photo by Mitchell Acks 


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