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Short, Short & More Short Films that Shine at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival & Others….!

New York,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.28-06.29.21)-The 20th Edition of the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival concluded the weekend of June 20, not before leaving the audience wanting more as Starlight Illustrated features & review more of the best short films of Tribeca and others that has shined so far during the year of 2021.


JOE BUFFALO:An indigenous skateboard legend and Indian residential school survivor, must face his child trauma and tough upbringing to find his dream of turning pro. 

CREDITS: Directed by Amar Chebib 

CAST:Joe Buffalo, Quinton George, Gregory Bird JR, Avery Bear Head, Joseph Moore, Matty Moore 

Directed by Amar Chebib

Syrian-Canadian filmmaker Amar Chebib began making videos while growing up skateboarding in the Middle East. He has since made various award-winning short films and commercials as well as a feature documentary about three Syrian musicians-turned-refugees. Chebib resides with his wife on unceded Coast Salish territory in Vancouver.

Life on The Res is not easy, abject poverty incredible rates of addiction, each hitting our lead hard in this touching short of redemption, second chances, never giving up and more. Just to keep up with his brother as a youngster, he becomes involved in skateboarding, at so young of an age, has endorsement deals, rubbing elbows with the best. He has a falling out, tough times and now is back, helping out the next generation. In the end yes, a feel good story as he now has his own line of gear honoring a direct line Indian legend he is a  descendant of. Even if this sport is not your thing, a do not miss.














FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: In an unholy fusion of wokeness and cluelessness, three entitled young women meet up to make an awards-worthy film; they build a narrative from the high perch of their privilege and almost give a voice to the voiceless.

CREDITS: Directed by Poppy Gordon

CAST:Samantha Robinson (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Love Witch), Juliette Goglia (The Magicians, The Michael J. Fox Show) & Skyler Maxon (Teen Wolf) 

Poppy Gordon  is an NYC based director.  She has developed campaigns spanning across print, film, radio and new media.She excels at visually driven narratives that combine bold cinematic style with pop influenced VFX. Her short film For Your Consideration starring Samantha Robinson and Juliette Goglia enjoyed wide acclaim and warm reception on the oscar qualifying festival circuit.

She studied in Switzerland at the European Graduate School under avant-garde film directors Chris Kraus, Claire Denis and Catherine Breillat.

Review & Comments:

A short that takes a different view on the movie making industry.  Very funny, equally tounge in cheek. Showing how young ones are pulled away from the task at hand by their cell phone, the importance of social media are on full display., The lack of commitment to the original idea, that the ideals of no bad ideas, safe spaces, etc.  typically holding no water is highly accurrate. Characters come and go as the putting together of this movie advances illustrates how each in life and such a project play but a role in existence.

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