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NEW YORK, NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT-SEPT 02-05.22)-The latin music icon & composer and 9-time Grammy's award winner "Jose Feliciano " from Puerto Rico, known for his iconic-songs "Feliz Navidad" and "Light my Fire" attended the New York Premiere of "Jose Feliciano: Behind the Guitar " with cast and crew walking the red carpet @ the Angelika Film Center in Manhattan, NYC.

The film documents the musical career of Jose Feliciano, from accomplishments and adversities during his 5-decades in the global stage.

Directed by: Helen Murphy & Frank Licari 

Produced By: Helen Murphy, Frank Licari & Khoa Le

Executive Produced by: Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Carlos Santana & Rudy Perez


From the slums of Puerto Rico to the world stage, José Feliciano, embarks upon a 55+ year career and becomes a nine time Grammy Winner. From Light My Fire to Feliz Navidad to Chico and the Man to global stardom, the film chronicles this under-appreciated            singer/songwriter/musician.


Notable Attendees Included: José Feliciano, Helen Murphy, Frank Licari & Khoa Le & others.


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