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Juventus Defeats Bayern of Munich 2-0,

in 2018 International Champions Cup's Match at Lincoln Financial Field…..! 

PHILADELPHIA(SMIWIRE,07.25.18)-The Juventus Football Club(Soccer), defeated top ranked German's Bayern of Munich  2-0, as part of the 2018 International Champions Cup annual friendly soccer's tournament in the US, during a rainy day & in front of 32,105 fans at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.


A colossal match between two renowned europeans and dominant Football (Soccer) clubs in its respectful leagues, Juventus in the Italian "Serie A" winners of 7 consecutives Serie A titles and 34 overall in its history, while  Bayern of Munich had won the last 10 out 14 titles and 28 altogether in the German Bundesliga.

The International Champions Cup is a annual friendly soccer tournament, that brings top europeans soccer clubs from the best and high level soccer leagues to US, that compete with friendly matches for marketing purposes and exposure in the American market, prior to the opening of their respective season league.

The game began with a torrential rain, making the field very slipery and players unable to control the ball with efficiency.

The Bavarians had control of the ball with high percentage time of 69% and tried 20 shots overall, creating counter-attacking without any clear definition in reaching the Italians's goal.

In the other hand, Juventus with less possession time of the ball and executed better in their counter-attacks from both side of the field. The Bianconeri opened the score a 32' minutes through an error by Bayern's golakeeper Sven Ulrecih, in trying to clear-out the ball from inside the box, gave away to Scoli who passed the ball to Andrea Favilli, scoring  with an open net for Juventus in front of  1-0.

Favilli added his second goal at 40' minutes, during a counter-attack when he received a long ball from the defensive back to the left-side of the field, finding himself all alone with goalkeeper Ulrecih, kicked a left-footed into middle to seal the  victory for Juventus of 2-0, over Bayern of Munich.

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