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Recent News: Kelsey Randall Makes a Conspicuous Debut with her 

               Spring / Summer Collection 2016 @ New York Fashion Week !

SMI Fashion / August 27, 2015


NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,08.27.15)Rising star fashion designer, Kelsey Randall,made her     debut exhibiting her luxury collection of dresses that are meant to be treasured by the wearer and observer during important moments in their life.A Kelsey Randall design is carefully handcrafted with attention to the details that transform a beautiful  dress into an extraordinary design.

There are several reference points in Ms Randall's work.The influence of the artist Louise Bourgeous is present in both visual & visceral capacity.Bourgeous' general reverence of nostalgia,appreciation for the social signifiers inherent in clothing , and use of materials guide the design principles of Kelsey Randall's brand.

In general, the designer finds inspiration across the creative spectrum.Artistic inspiration ranges from the color palettes and sensuak spirit of Marlene Dumas' paintings, the pastoral

americana in the photographs of Francesca Woodman, to the gathering of materials to form organic landscapes employed by Tara Donovan.

The Kelsey Randall collection is created & produced in New York City to ensure that the quality of each garment and the conditions under which they are crafted is up to the high standards of the label's desired clientele.The dresses are created in fabrics such tulle,organza, silk shantung & taffeta with a retail cost depending on the clients needs.

Kelsey Randall will be taking appointments during New York Market Week on weekend

September 18-20 and direct all inquiries to:


New York Starlight Media had the opportunity to interview rising star; Kelsey Randall during 

her debut exhibition of her Spring /Summer Collection 2016 in NYC.


New York Starlight: Congratulations on your debut as a Fashion Designer during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. What is the name of the collection and what can you tell us about it ?

Kelsey Randall:The name of the brand is Kelsey Randall & its a dress collection that is all

made & design in New York.There is a lot attention to details and fabric manipulations,

so focus in creating beautiful dresses that could be worn for special occasions and everyday.

New York Starlight: What is your main inspiration for your designs ? 

Kelsey Randall:I'm always being inspired by Artist like Louise Bourgeous,Marlene Dumas and I love old movies like Backseat and Picnic at Haging Rock.There were always a sense of femininity and a little bit of innocence but alway very beautiful & elegant.

New York Starlight : The Artist mentioned above for the inspiration nature.Did they serve

for some type standard mentoring during your life ?

Kelsey Randall : They are just artist that I feel strong connection in a very visceral level.

New York Starlight Media: Thank You and Good Luck on your career as a Fashion Designer/

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