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Photo: Stephen Battaglio, Paula Kerger & Ken Burns

NEW YORK, N Y (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT DEC .14-17, 2023)-Renowned US award winning filmmaker  " Ken Burns "  known for his iconic American History and culture documentaries for the past half of century attended another edition of the Paley Center for Media special conversation last Thurs. Dec. 14, alongside Paula Kerger (PBS President & CEO) to discuss the theme: Finding Common Ground Through Storytelling at the Paley Museum in the New York City.

Burns is a 2-time Grammy and 15-time Emmy award winning filmmaker known for his well acclaimed American history and culture films & Tv doc series that include: The Civil War(1990), Baseball(1994), Jazz(2001), The War(2007), The National Parks: America's Best Idea(2009), Prohibition (2011), The Roosevelt(2014), The Vietnam War (2017), and Country Music(2019).

The special conversation was moderated by staff writer of LA Times Joseph Battaglio

The theme of the discussion between Ken Burns and Paula Kerger was how storytelling and media can promote a deeper understanding of American history and culture, finding common ground and unifying a divided nation who share opposite views.

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