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Photo:Aldon Morris, Kimberly Gilmore, Ashton Gleckman, Kathleen Kennedy & Julian E. Zelizer

NEW YORK, NY(SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT-11.13-17, 2023)-The Paley Center for Media, known for preserving the media history, and investigate its influence in our society presented an exclusive screening of the newest History Channel's docuseries "Kennedy" prior to the 60-years anniversary of of JFK's assassination with US film director Ashton Gleckman ("Kennedy"),  who alongside Kathleen Kennedy Townsend(Daughter of Robert Kennedy) and Kimberly Gilmore (Chief Historian of the History Channel) walked the red carpet and joined the panel discussion afterward at the Paley Museum in New York City.

" Kennedy " is an 8-episode docuseries directed US film director and composer Ashton Gleckman that narrates through the cinematic national archives and interviews the timeless legacy and pioneering leadership of the 35th United States President, John F. Kennedy to premiere during a 3-night event on November 18 through 20, at the History Channel. 

The panel discussion theme was " How president John F. Kennedy changed the dynamic of speaking directly and persuading the American people through Tv addresses and "Why historians consider him as the pioneer of Tv Presidency ".

The panel was moderated by J
ulian E. Zelizer, CNN Political Analyst and Professor of History and Public Affairs, Princeton University and members of the panel who participated included:

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Former Lt. Governor of Maryland and Daughter of Robert Kennedy

Ashton Gleckman, Director and Composer, Kennedy Docuseries

Kimberly Gilmore, Chief Historian & Senior VP/Corporate Social Responsibility, The HISTORY Channel

Aldon Morris, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Black Studies, Northwestern University

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