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Magnus: 21Th Century Masterpiece Documentary 

Captivates " Tribeca Film Festival " 2016 !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,04.13-04.24.16)"Magnus "documentary is a masterpiece that made it's world premiere debut, captivating the audience for it's originality and amazing story at world renowned 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, currently taking place in New York City.

The Film "Magnus " is a biography documentary based on a  true story of of a Norwegian chess protege's champion, who since he was five years old developed an extraordinary photographic memory, unparalleled ability to play chess and later on became a World Chess Champion.

Film director " Benjamin Rees " took the audience on a well documented story, inside the mind of a genius  and master-mind " Carlsen Magnus " surroundings from hobbies, practicing playing chess and the  family who supported him from the start. Combining home movies and archival videos from his early age to document about a teenager ambitious to succeed in the world of chess.

It also demonstrate the intensity and intellectual strategist of chess players implementing in the sport of chess during world competition.

Magnus won numerous championships and  became a chess Grand Master at the age of thirteen after facing the renowned World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand.

Many expert in the chess world stated that Magnus Carlsen is the class by himself and compare him in the same league of CarBobby Fischer & Garry Kasparov.

Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to ask couple questions to "Magnus" film director

Benjamin Rees and his father Henrick Carlsen at " Magnus " World Premiere's Red Carpet

to give us an inside about Magnus Carlsen " The Mozzart of Chess ".







Photo:Benjamin Rees( Magnus Film Director)

Starlight Illustrated:What was your main motivation to make this sensational film biography

 of  Magnus Carlsen ?

Benjamin Rees(Magnus' Film Director):was extremely fascinated about Magnus success ss the best chess player in the world.

I wanted to know how his brain works and how he became so good in chess.I also wanted to know how he lived his life kind of a modern genius.

Starlight Illustrated:How difficult was to get close to Magnus Carlsen in the making of  this Film "Magnus " documentary" with him being so close to his family ?

Benjamin Rees(Magnus' Film Director):Well, I think I had total access from both the family and Carlsen himself in making this film documentary.I usually work alone with the camera and maybe before when we tested it with the film and a crew probably.For example for 60 minutes when I got a full crew filming him with two photographers and sound devices maybe but when I came alone with the camera that made it very easy access because they did not notice me that much.

Starlight Illustrated:How did you discover that your son have a gifted talent & why you decided to expose him to chess ?

Henrick Carlsen(Magnus' Father):When he was five and half years old , I noticed that he will concentrate for hours at times playing or observing on difficult tasks, whether spending with legos, puzzles or looking at the books of country flags and capitals, visualizing  and having a great memory.

I played chess as an amateur in my youth and took it up when Magnus was five and half years old.

I though maybe he might be interested in chess since It was very easy to introduce it to children. 

But it was something that he got interested later on at the age of seven and half years old.Magnus started to expend a lot time on it, I try to be supportive and I don't think I really pushing him to it  really.It was his staff, the feeling of driven by passion, interest and curiosity, I think that is one the main aspect or key to his success.

Starlight Illustrated: Are You surprise of the magnitude of success that Magnus has accomplished by

becoming a World Chess Champion ?

Henrick Carlsen(Magnus' Father):Well at this point, He already achieved so much, I mean he was doing so well, so kind was one more step where he amazed us all and were very proud of him.

We as a parent , we try not to focus in the results really, it was something he enjoyed and benefited as human being.

Starlight Illustrated: Thank You for your time and we wish Magnus Carlsen all the success in the future


Photo: Henrick Carlsen ( Magnus' Father far right with his daughters).

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