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Recent News: Andi Dorfman Celebrates her August 2015                             cover of the Resident Magazine in Style !

                                                             Publisher Michael Travin With Editor-In-Chief Pamela Jacobs,

                                      Liza Bernstein and Melissa Kassis Celebrated  Andi Dorfman's                                               August 2015 Cover in NYC.......


SMI Life Style/ August 13, 2015

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,08.13.15) Reality TV Personality Andi Dorfman & Resident Magazine celebrated the August Cover Issue at a private gathering with  numerous VIP's attendees as well members of the media at Omar's La Ranita in New York City.

Guests celebrated with Resident cover girl Andi Dorfman at Omar’s downstairs VIP Room.Others celebrating were Dr. Robi Ludwig (Fox News Contributor),Mark Simone (Radio Host), Tracy Stern, Michael Travin (Publisher, Resident Magazine), Pamela Jacobs(Editor-In-Chief, Resident Magazine), Lisa Bernstein (Resident Magazine), Melissa Kassis (Resident Magazine); Omar Hernandez (Owner, Omar’s);.

In the August 2015 issue of Resident, cover girl Andi Dorfman discusses her life after appearing  on The Bachelorette.The former Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County, GA, who recently moved to New York City shared that she is currently working on a web series for People and writing a book.As for her publicized recent breakup she told the publication, "It's crazy---and it sucks.I know that you have to have thick skin, and it's a really easy to say, but when you don't come from an environment where everyone knows your business and everything is on public display, and you're suddenly plucked from obscurity into this whole world, it's a shock".

Currrent, passionate and informative, Resident Magazine is expressly for high-net-worth residents of Manhattan and visitors to boutique hotels on the island.Whether in a luxury doorman coop or newly built condo building ,Resident Magazine reaches the titans of industry, the movers of entertainment  and the individuals  who can and do make choices for the travel, dining, cultural and real estate needs. 

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