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CAAFD Celebrates & Closes New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2017 in Style with Spectacular Closing Party Reception in NYC !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,09.16.16)CAAFD in collaboration with iFashion Network held today a closing party reception to put a cap on an extremely eventful New York Fashion Week.

The reception took place at the $10 Million Dollar Private Penthouse of celebrity economist Nouriel Roubini, where by invitation only was required to attend.

This reception follows an extremely memorable week of featured designers such as Irina Vitjaz making her North American debut on the WME IMG official platform, Rosenthal Tee making her second CAAFD showcase appearance, and a set of designers debuting as part of the I’MPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, including PONYO PORCO, JESSICA VAN, and LAISON among others. The I’MPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE is all about empowering and bringing focus to young emerging and promising artists who stand above the rest, and these international fashion designer superstars were the perfect choices to highlight. The event was produced and directed by noted fashion guru and business mogul, Redeemer Resk ‘Que.

At this event over 250 affluent fashion and music insiders attended the event, making for

what is sure to be the get together of the season. The event also featured a very special

treat: visual art exhibitions and the exclusive video release premiere of a new SONY

Entertainment artist, Bouboulena.

Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers, [CAAFD] is a nonprofit

organization founded through a collaborative effort by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of backing designers who aspire to do business in the United States. CAAFD educates,promotes and empowers aspiring artists and fashion professionals in gaining a foothold in the art and fashion business, giving them every opportunity to become the renowned brands they yearn to be. More information can be found at:

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