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NYC F.C. Triumphs over L.A. Galaxy 1-0 & Keep

First Place on the MLS Easten Conference !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,08.20.16)David Villa scored early at the 6' minutes of play for his 16th goal of the season as NYC F.C. defeated L.A. Galaxy 1-0 & to stay in first place on the MLS Eastern Conference.A controversial goal, where Villa seems to be off-side the second he found the ball and scored near the empty goal line, when Ronald Matarrita while in the 18' area kicked a hard shot deflecting the ball off L.A. Galaxy goalkeeper Clement Diop's body into the feet of Villa scoring the only goal of the game for the 1-0 victory."This is a very important win for us because it was against one of the strongest team of the league " said NYC F.C. assistant coach Christian Lattanzio after the game.

The rest of the game including the second half both team had oportunities to score but the shots were too wide off the goal or neutralized by either defence.With the win, NYC F.C. keeps on top of the MLS Eastern Conference standing and will face next Orlando F.C. on away game next week. 

Starlight Illustrated attended the Post-Game press conference with NYC F.C. assistant coach; Christian Lattanzio and this is what he said:

Press: After this victory, Do you see NYC F.C. now as a contender team for the MLS Cup ?

Christian Lattanzio:Well; I think is one game that will change our vision but for us it was a very important win. We believe in our work and we believe we can play against anyone and yes we are very happy for today's win because it was against one of the strongest team in the league, both as a team and because it's group of players.

Press:At the beginning of the year you(NYF F.C.) were 1-9, NYC F.C. had problems finding the wins at home but now you had won 4 victories against 4 great teams. What is the different of the team now and team you have troubles ?

Christian Lattanzio:It is difficult to put fingers on one thing, I will say new coach , head coach takes a little of bit time for all us to know each other and also we though we weren't lucky on 7 occasions that we deserved some points that can create psychologically for the team.We give credit to the boys

for sticking together and to sitck to the palm of the head coach and keep playing and now they are really getting what they deserve.I don't think it's by chance but because they have more confidence and know each other better.

Press:You (NYC F.C.) are in first place on the Eastern Conference, How is the spirit of the team and are you thinking ahead for post-season play ?

Christian Lattanzio: No at the moment we are thinking one game at time,we have our objectives of our targets for the season but we are not thinking ahead ourselves. We have a team like Orlando F.C. that we had only one point in two games, we respect them we hope definite the boys will love it but our minds is in Orlando and not in the post-season.We still competing for a spot....

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