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NYC F.C. Drew With LAFC 2-2 & Still Winless in Three Games of The Early  2019 MLS Season .....!

NEW YORK,NY(SMIWIRE,03.17.19)- NYC F.C.'s new acquisition player from Romania " Alexander Mitrita ", who is most likely to replace former top scorer David Villa, scored his first goal of his MLS career and Alex Ring added one to make it 2-1 on the way for sure victory but LAFC''s forward Carlos Vela scored his second goal on a penalty shot to end the game in a 2-2 draw, spoiling New York's first win and giving them its third draw in three games of the early 2019 MLS season at Yankees Stadium.

The Boys in Blue began the season under the direction of Dome Torrent ", who is in his second year as NYC's head coach, working with a brand new line-up of players and trying new game strategies to create the standard eleven that will be represent team the rest of the 2019 season.

This is the third consecutive draw for New York but the score doesn't reflect how well New York played against a very tough team like LAFC, who began the season with two wins in its two first games in the westcoast.


A very competitve game from both bands from the start, searching to get ahead in the score and the victory. It got very physical afterward with numerous fouls committed  fighting for control of the ball ending the game with 8 yellow cards verall  given to both teams combined ( 5 for NYC F.C. & 3 for LAFC).

NYC F.C. opened the scored at 38' minute, during a counter-attack from midfield Mitrita 

ran the ball down the leftside field and evading 4 defendants inside the 18's and shot a hard right-footed to score his first goal of his career in the MLS and putting New York in front 1-0 over LAFC. In another offensive attack few minutes later at 41', Mitrita shot a direct free kick that could it added the score but it hit the upper-left sidebar.

The visitors did not hold back, they went to the offensive and even the score 2 minutes later at 42' minutes. LAFC capitalized in a error committed by NYC F.C.'s defender Maxime Chanot, when he tried to clear the ball out with his head giving it back to LAFC's Latit Blessing, who immediately passed it Carlos Vela who ran the ball through the rightside field and scored a shot that went through Sean Johnson's legs to tied the game 1-1.

The Boys in Blue went ahead in the score through Alexander Ring in the 62' minute,

when Valentine Castellanos during a throw-in gave the ball to Ben Sweat inside the small area, who evaded LAFC's defender Zimmerman and passed it to Alex Ring , who shot a left-footed to place New York in front once again 2-1.

With the game on the line and NYC F.C. ahed 2-1, LAFC went to attack trying to find empty spaces between the corners or in the middle and catched a break when  the players were fighting for the ball inside the 18', LAFC's Latif Blessing was fouled by Ben Sweat inside the small area resulting in a penalty call by the referee Armamdo Villareal.

 LAFC'S forward Carlos Vela scored the penalty shot at 75' minute with a left-footed tying the score a 2-2 and denying  NYF F.C. of its first win of the season.

With the draw NYF F.C. finished overall in the standing with three points in three games (0-0-3) and LAFC accumulate 7 points (2-0-1). 

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