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Recent News:NYC F.C. Draws Toronto 4-4 in High Score Game!

SMI Sports / July 12, 2015


NEW YORK (SMI-WIRE,07.12.15)The NYC F.C and Toronto collided today in a high energy soccer match where both teams fought for the victory from the start ending in a high score draw of 4-4, during a sunday's afternoon @ Legendary Yankee's Stadium.

"It’s the type of game that fans love & coaches hate,” said Jason Kreis at post-game press conference.A much anticipated game where the NYC F.C. fans expected the debut of Frank Lampart but was not in the line-up due to injury during practice last friday.

“I think we need to understand first and foremost whether (Lampard’s) ever played on artificial surface. It wouldn’t surprise me if he hasn’t, certainly in a competitive match,” Kreis said. “And we have to make the smartest decision that we can and that will come later in the week — about whether he’s ready to play in a match and whether he’s ready to play in a match that’s on artificial surface.”

David Villa opened the score for NYCFC in the 17th minute on direct kick from outside the 25 yards sending the ball out of reach Chris Konopka.

After Toronto's Sebastian Giovinco missed a penalty shot, NYCFC went up 2-0 in the 29th

minute when Villa's penalty kick was deflected and Mullins' kicked the ball into the net

out Damien Perquis reach.

Sebastian Giovinco began his scoring hat-trick when he scored on a second penalty kick try in the 34th minute making it 2-1 lead for NYC F.C.He tied the game in the 40th minute from a back-heel pass from Jackson. Giovinco's 11th goal of the season came in the 43rd after he punched the ball over goalie Josh Saunders for a 3-2 lead and recording the first

hat-trick in the franchise history. “Giovinco’s a fantastic player, so I’m not trying to take anything away from him. But for that player, that we’ve known that much about, to get that much time and space is incomprehensible,’’ coach Jason Kreis said. “We’ve got to take a real hard look at ourselves why that kept happening.’’Villa's 10th goal of the season, coming off a penalty kick after he was brought down by Konopka, tied it at 3 in the 65th.Giovinco once again assisted to Toronto’s fourth goal of the afternoon  when he

ran & passed during a break-away to Mark Delgado who scored in the 82nd minute for the 4-3 lead but  Patrick Mullins headed home his late equalizer ending a dramatic thriller game  in a 4-4 draw.









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