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BRONX, NYC(SMI-SPORTS, 09.14.22)-NYCFC's defender Alexander Callens and midfielder Maxi Moralez scored early goals in each half as the Big Boys in Blue defeated the Atlas FC(Liga MX) 2-0, winning the 2022 Campeones Cup crown at the legendary Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, NYC.


Campeones Cup (Champions Cup) is a joined venture between the MLS and LIGA MX (Mexican Soccer League), where the reigning champions of both leagues face each other in an annual special game with the winner claiming the Campeones Cup crown. In addition to the on-field rivalry, this event was created to reinforce the soccer sport in the region as well to promote positive changes in the local communities in both leagues.


NYCFC opened the score first within the first 4-minutes of the game, when midfielder Gabriel Pereira during a free-kick sent a center pass inside the 18',  finding Nicolas Acevedo who beat-out  Atlas' goalkeeper Camilo Vargas in the jump with header giving it to Alexander Callens who scored with a left-footed to put the Citizens in front 1-0, over the Atlas FC.

Both teams traded counter-attacks the rest of the way with no major outcome with the Boys in Blue leading 1-0, at the end of the half. 

In the second half, NYCFC picked-up where they left-off and on their first counter attack through the middle, Talles Magno gave a short pass to Maxi Moralez who was coming from behind alongside, kicked a hard right-footed across the left-side goalpost into the back of the net put New York ahead 2-0, at 48' minute, securing the victory and the 2022 Campeones Cup title.

This was the 4rd edition of the Campeones Cup and with NYCFC defeating Atlas FC today, the MLS leads now the Liga MX 3-1, in the history of Campeones Cup competitions.


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