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RUTHERFORD, N.J. (SMI-SPORTS, 08.12.21)-The New York Giants Football Club(NFL) held its final media briefing from training camp with Judge (Head Coach), Daniel Jones(Quarterback), Leonard Williams(Defensive Lineman) and Adoree Jackson( Cornerback), prior to their preseason opener against the NY Jets on Saturday, August 14, at MetLife Stadium, in Rutherford, NJ.


Find below the media transcripts of Giants Quaterback

Daniel Jones, Joe Judge(Head Coach) and players from

today's training camp provided by Giants. com :

 Daniel Jones:

Q: How do you feel like camp has been going? We talked to you about a week ago at this point, or a little more than that. How do you think it’s been going over the last week?

A: I think it’s going well. I think as an offense, we’ve been progressing, we’ve been improving and that’s a challenge every day, to improve. Been focused on some different situations trying to practice getting ready for everything, every part of the game and certain situations that will come up. So, feel good and I feel like we’re improving.


Q: Daniel, what do you recall about your first preseason action as a rookie? Not first start, first time you got in.

A: Yeah, I remember being excited and just to run out there on the field for the first time was exciting, to be out there. I think we hit a couple plays and went down there and scored. Could be wrong, but I was just excited to be out there for the first time, live football and playing in the stadium taking NFL snaps.


Q: Butterflies?

A: Yeah, I was certainly a little bit nervous, but once you get that first snap and get going, it’s just fun being out there.


Q: Daniel, how much preseason work do you think you need? Do you want to play half of one of these games? We know you’re not playing this week, but there’s two more. How much do you need to be ready?

A: That’s really not up to me. My job is to be ready. I think practice and making sure that I’m focusing every day to improve and get to where I need to be as a player, so I think that’s not my job. My job is just to be ready.


Q: Zach Wilson said something interesting in Jets camp yesterday. He said he makes throws in practice that he doesn’t necessarily make in a game to see kind of what he can get away with, can I get that ball in there. Do you do that or do you take practice exactly like you take a game, only do things you would do in a game in practice?

A: Yeah, I think there are certain situations that maybe we treat a little differently, and you’re always learning in practice. That’s the most important thing. You know, I heard what he said and it’s common about learning and improving and learning what you can do on the field. It’s true, you certainly want to treat it like a game and get in the habit of reading defenses and putting the ball where it needs to be.


Q: Where is your chemistry with (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney)? I noticed you guys haven’t had a ton of reps during camp.

A: I think it’s good. You know, he’s a smart guy, so I think it’s just reps. He’s getting out there and improving. I think he’s got a good understanding of the offense and I know he’ll keep working hard to get out there as much as he can.


Q: Did you know Kadarius before? I know he was training with David Morris, but did you know him at all before?

A: I really didn’t know him great, but David obviously knows him well and trained him for a while, so it’s cool to have that connection.


Q: Have you seen him throw?

A: Yeah, he can throw it. He can throw it for sure. He’s got a big arm.


Q: On the flip side of that, you have gotten a lot of reps with (Wide Receiver) Sterling Shepard. Even just over the course of three years, it seems like you guys’ connection has gotten closer. How would you describe that relationship with him and how much you understand timing and all that stuff with him compared to all these new guys?

A: Yeah, it’s been great. I think he’s had a good camp and someone who I certainly spent a lot of time with the past couple of years. Threw a lot together this offseason, threw a lot together the camp before that. We spent a lot of time on the field together, so that certainly helps and he’s a leader. 


Q: How smart was (Wide Receiver) David Sills (V) to come to Charlotte this offseason and spend a lot of time with you?

A: Yeah, his sister’s down there, so it made sense for him, made sense for me. You know, he’s an extremely hard-working guy. He’ll go run routes all day and get up and do it again the next day, so he’s an extremely hard worker and a good football player.


Q: Can you talk about (Tackle) Andrew Thomas and what you’ve seen in his development from what you’ve seen as a rookie to now?

A: Yeah, I think Andrew’s done a great job. He’s an extremely talented player, a smart player and a guy who comes to work every day. Works hard and prepares well, so I think it’s just getting reps and working up front, seeing things, seeing looks and then working as a group. And I’m certainly a part of that also, so just working on that and working on chemistry. I think those guys have done a lot of good things this camp.


Q: Would you prefer to play Saturday? We know you’re not. Is that a conversation between you and the coaches to determine that?

A: I mean, it’s not my decision. I’m a player, he’s a coach and that’s the way it goes. My job is to prepare and prepare as if I was playing, and help the team prepare.


Q: (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Dave Gettleman said in a radio interview the other day that it’s a big year for you and the team and for everybody. That’s kind of stating the obvious. What do you think about that or how do you approach that?

A: Yeah, it’s a big year for all of us. You know, every year is a big year and playing in the NFL, you’re expected to perform and perform well. It’s a big year for me and it’s a big year for everyone.


Q: I know you didn’t have a preseason last year, but does this preseason seem strange in the sense that you’re resting early and then the last game (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) said you’re going to play more, as in gearing up for the games?

A: I really haven’t thought about it a whole lot. I’m just focusing on what we’re doing now and preparing now through these first three weeks of camp and focusing on what we’re doing here. Like I said, my job is to be ready and work to improve every day.


Q: Daniel, the reason people keep focusing on year three I think is because (Bills Quarterback) Josh Allen and (Browns Quarterback) Baker Mayfield had big year threes last year. Do you know either of those guys enough to reach out to see maybe why it clicked so much for them in year three?

A: Yeah, there’s certainly stuff to learn from those guys and learn from people who have had success early in their careers, whether it be year two, three, four, whatever it is. I’m focused on improving myself and making sure that I’m in a position to play well and this offense is in a position to play well. 


Q: We hear a lot about how it’s the second year in the system and how that benefits you but give me example. How does that benefit you? How do you think that helps you guys?

A: Well, I think if you look at where we were three weeks in last year versus where we are now in terms of what we were installing or the conversations we were having about certain plays, we’re obviously at a much higher level this year. I think we are able to install plays faster, which puts us further ahead week three than where we were last year. So that’s an advantage for us and for the whole offense.

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