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New York RedBulls Loses 3-2 to New England in a Heart-Break Ending ...!

NEW YORK(SMI-SPORTS,07.31.21)-The New York Red Bulls failed to hold the 2-1 lead with 10-minutes left in the game as New England scored two late goals and defeated New York 3-2 , in a heart-break ending at the RedBulls Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.


New York played very well and controlled the ball more than  3/4 of the game with consecutive attacks and solid defensive line.

The RedBulls scored first and very early in the game during a counter-attack through the rightside field corner, New York' striker Fabio Gomes passed the ball short to midfielder Wikelman Carmona-who immediately shot a left-footed canon from 28 yards away out of the reach of New England's goalkeeper Brad Knighton and put the RedBulls in front 1-0 at the half.


In the second half both teams went to the offensive and the equalizer arrived for New England at the 60' minute tying the game 1-1.During a breakaway through the left side field the visitor's defender DeJuan Jones crossed the ball just outside the 18', finding striker Gustavo Bou-who kicked a hard right shot to the RedBulls left-side goal post corner out of the reach goalkeeper Carlos Coronel to tied the score at one.


New York answered back immediately with a goal of their own, when striker Fabio Gomes received a pass by Caden Clark inside the 18' and scored the second goal at

63' minute to place Redbulls ahead 2-1.   


With ten-minutes left in the game and New York in front 2-1 and what it seems a clear victory on the way, New England scored to goals to overcome the score and win the game 3-2.


New England never lost hope and fought to the end and the equalizer arrived again this time through Brandon Bye at the 84' minute- when Carles Gil centered a ball inside the 18' and finding Brandon Bye who scored with a header to tied the game 2-2.


With the game tied 2-2 and 6 minutes left in the game New England kept attacking- when suddenly, Adam Buksa scored the game winner for the visitors in the first minute of second-half stoppage time astonishing the NYRedBulls and the crowd that came to support them.

With the loss, the New York RedBulls record is 5-3-7 and take 9th place with 18 points in the MLS East standings: While New England improved to 11-3-3 with 36 points and take first place in the MLS East standings .

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