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RUTHERFORD, NJ (SMI-SPORTS, 08.09.21)-NYGiant's running back Saquon Barkley, and pass-rushing linebacker Oshane Ximines, were activated off the PUP (Physically unable to  perform/active list) Today--after passing their physical exams over the weekend, as both players reported to practice and joined their teammates at the Quest Diagnostic training Center, MetLife Stadium.

Both players attended a press-conference after practice with members of the media and talk about their return after recovering of their injuries.

Oshane Ximines(Giant's Linebacker) at training camp press-conference:



Q: How did it feel to be out there after all you have been going through this last year?

A: It felt great to be back out there, man. It was a long, long offseason to finally be back right. Today was just a first step to a long journey to getting where I was. 


Q: How much did you do today?

A: I did individuals. I was able to do basics at the end of practice. Then after, I just kind of worked on my rhythm and my pass rush, and stuff like that.


Q: How do your legs feel?

A: They feel pretty good. It feels good to be back out there.


Q: What was last year like for you? Obviously, you came into the season hoping to really get a chance to prove yourself. Then, you went down, and you weren’t able to come back. How tough was last year on you?

A: It’s tough, but it’s in the back seat now. Injuries are a part of the game, it’s something that, listen, everybody has to deal with. So, as soon as I got hurt, I just wanted to do everything I could to get back, and that’s what I did.


Q: What's your sense of this coaching staff?  You played for them last year, but you didn’t get into a lot of games. What's your sense of what they think about you, what they think you can do, and things like that?

A: This is my favorite coaching staff that I’ve played with. I just know we’re going to bust our tails here and we’re going to work hard every day. Coach is going to make sure the best guys play, so that’s something that I respect highly. I’m glad to be here. 


Q: What’s your sense of the whole edge rusher situation here? There seems to be spots waiting for people to take.

A: (Head) Coach (Joe) Judge made it clear to us that this is going to be a competitive camp. We have a bunch of good guys in the room, and we all learn from each other. It’s a pleasure working with those guys every day.


Q: What do you kind of hope to bring to this defense when you get your shot?

A: I just hope to come in every day and work as hard as I possibly can. That in itself is going help the defense take it to another level because you come in there, you're putting your head down, and working, and that's all you can really do.


Q: It’s your first day back, but where’s your confidence level in terms of thinking of week one?

A: Confidence is confidence, and I’m confident. I’m always confident in myself, so my confidence level is as high as always. I’m just happy to be back out here and I’m willing to work every day.


Q: You get hurt and you can’t play, and then, do you say, “look, I don’t want them to forget about me”? They bring other guys in, they brought in a rookie in (Linebacker) Azeez (Ojulari). Do you say, “look, I’m still here too”? Do you like have to prove that again almost?

A: I mean, this is a day-to-day business, like nobody is secure ever anywhere in the NFL. So, if you’re not putting your best out every single day, then this is not the profession for you. That’s my mindset in everything in life. I want to put my best out there at all times, so whatever they’re doing, they’re doing. Azeez is a great dude, he’s a good kid. He’s going to be a good ball player for us. I’m glad they brought him in. So, I’m just going to work every day like I’ve always done and let the chips fall where they may.


Q: Did you and (Linebacker) Lorenzo (Carter) kind of have to be injury buddies last year because you weren’t playing?

A: Like I said, injuries are a part of the game, it’s an unfortunate part of the game. Nobody wants to go down, nobody wants to sit on the sideline. But, when it happens, you got to do what you got to do to get yourself back to where you were and just put your best foot forward when you do get back.


Q: Do you have any doubt that, for the season opener, you will be physically ready?

A: I’m just going to work every single day to get back and we’ll see when the season begins.


Q: Oshane, which part of your game do you think will come back to you the quickest, and which do you think will come back the longest?

A: It's hard to say because I'm not able to do team reps yet, so I haven't gotten out there really. But, in my head, I'm already back to where I was. But of course, when I get out, I’m going to realize what I need to work on more, where I’m more rusty at, and things like that. That's why I was just itching so bad to get out there today. But I’m trying to be smart and take the right steps so I’ll be ready.


Q: Because you just said in your mind, you think you’re where you were. Do you have to guard against doing too much too soon?

A: Exactly, like that's one thing I struggled with because when I get hurt, I want to go back out there, like I'm good, like I’ve always been that way. But, sometimes it's not the smartest thing to do. That's something I learned from last year and I'm looking to be smarter this year.


Q: Two guys back came off PUP today, you and some other guy (Running Back Saquon Barkley), right?

A:  Yeah, I don’t know who that guy is. What’s his name? I don’t know.


Q: Did you introduce yourself to him, or anything?

A: No man, forget that kid. No man, it was good seeing two-six back out there. He’s always a high-level spirit guy. He was with me rehabbing in the offseason and he was somebody who brought a lot of energy to the rehab guys. I’m glad to see him back out here. He’s just a good football player.


Q: You can always remember that you guys came back the same day, you know?

A: Yeah, exactly.

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