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Photo:Brit Shaw(US Producer) & Andrew Carlberg(

Peace in The Valley Glitter at the 2022-21th Tribeca Film Festival in the New York City….!1

NEW YORK,NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT,06.08.-06.19.22)-The 2022-Tribeca Film Festival concluded its 21st-edition with another sensational and successful season featuring over 111 feature films, 16 online and 80+ world-premieres from 151 filmmakers across 40 countries with outdoor, special talks, indoor audience and home streaming screenings during 11-days slate for all audiences in New York City.


Starlight illustrated had the opportunity to watch some featured films including shorts films through the streaming screening portal, and we found the following films themes below interesting, educational and entertaining.

Peace in the valley is a drama film directed by US Tyler Riggs and co-produced by Andrew Cariberg and Brit Shaw that made its world premiere at 2022-21st edition of the Tribeca Film festival in New York City. 

The movie takes place in rural countryside town where main cast Ashley Rhodes (Brit Shaw) while shopping at a supermarket with her husband John ( Michael Abbot Jr.) and son Jessie (William Samir), an armed robber suddenly began shooting and spreading bullets inside the store. 

John, a former war veteran & fireman and in order to protect his family decided to confront the gunman and died in the struggle leaving Ashley to raise her son as a single mother. The grief, reappearance of her husband twin brother and son's fascination with hunting made this movie a must see

exhibiting the ramifications of a family loss due to fire-arms and yet still passionate about guns in this country (US).

Tyler Riggs takes us inside a typical household of three where firearms could turn anybody lives upside-down in a matter of seconds.Ashley, a common housewife grief after losing her husband and tried to find balance in her new life raising her son by herself, and as a women when the sudden reappearance of her husband twin brother takes her aback and the though of a new father figure for her son.

The sudden death of a family member is devastated for many families.

It creates uncertainty and unbalanced parenthood for a child when he/she loses either parents. Brit shaw played an exceptional role as a mother who despite the loss managed to find closured and moves forward with her new life a single mother by being both parents for her kid.


The firearms laws still a topic for debate in the US, since many people still believe in owning it despite causing loss of lives. 


We find this movie interesting, Engaging & Educational. 





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Photo:Suvi(Wife) & Tyler Riggs(US Director)
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