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Chinese New Year 2016 Arrive Early:Philippe New York Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with Exclusive Bash !

NEW YORK(SMI-WIRE,01.12.16)The New York's leading upscale Chinese restaurant PHILIPPE celebrated it's 10th year anniversary hosted by Philippe Chow (Executive Chef), Steve Boxer (COO);Edis Julevic (General Manager),Kostas Paterakis (Pastry Chef & Captain) with special invitation only fete @ the Phillipe Restaurant located in Manhattan NYC.

Guests Enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as they toasted the first ten years of Philippe's success.The eatery's unique menu prepared by Chef Philippe Chow himself featured delectable dishes such as its famous Chicken Satay, prepared with Chef Philippe's famous cream sauce, perfectly glazed Roasted Peking Duck served with housemade pancakes, Green Prawns and the Filet Mignon and Broccoli.

In addition to its cuisine, Philippe has cemented its reputation as an A-List celebrity hotspot since opening 10 years ago with notable guests over the years including Oprah Winfrey, Rhianna, Beyonce, Adam Sandler , Derrick Rose, Drew Barrymore, Kylie Jenner, Kobe Bryant, Nathan Lane, Queen Latifah, Rick Ross and Sir Paul McCartney.


About Philippe:

Owner and Excutive Chef Philippe Chow, formerly acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Mr. Chow, puts his own contemporary and upscale spin on traditional Beijing-style cuisine at Philippe.

All Philippe signatures dishes , like the famed Chicken Satay, perfectly glazed and crispy Peking Duck, Green Prawns, and Filet Mignon and Broccoli, are served in generous portions and family-style, giving all guests the opportunity to be part of a lively and social dining experience.Chef Chow presents complex flavors with a modern flair , bringing freshnessand vitality to traditional Chinese cuisine.

Philippe has remained a hotspot since it opened in 2005, attracting a steady stream of A-list celebrities including Rihanna, Kobe Bryant, Beyonce, L;ady Gaga and Oprah.Philippe has received top culinary accolades including , " Best Peking Duck" from the NY Observer and "Best in Chinese " by Zagat.  


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