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UEFA EURO 2024 GERMANY (SMI-GLOBAL SPORTS-JUNE 14-JULY 14, 2024)-World#6, (FIFA) Portugal overpower Turkey 3-0, to clinch a spot in the knockout stage with 6-points in Group F, @ BVB Stadon in Dortmund, Germany.

Portugal did not waste anytime and went to offensive from the start with 4-consecutive counter-attacks that barely missed the back of the net in the first 15' minute.

The Portuguese national team also known as "the Navigators"  kept the pressure
and found the back of the net through midfielder Bernardo Silva at 21' mark.

The play was originated through the left-side field when Left-back defender Bruno
Mendes crossed the ball from inside the 18' finding B. Silva who scored with left-footed to lower right goal post to put Portugal in front 1-0, over Turkey.

Seven minutes later, Portugal added its second goal when Turkish defender Samet Akaydin tried to give the ball to his goalkeeper Altay Bayindir inside the penalty box but ball instead rolled over the goal line for automatic own goal and make it 2-0, in favor of the Portuguese team at the half. 

In the second half, Portugal picked-up where they left-off and increase its lead to 3-0, in the first 10' minutes of the second half. The play was originated from the back field, midfielder Bernardo Silva kicked a long pass to Cristiano Ronaldo who was cleared from outside position and from inside the 18' gave a rolling pass to Bruno Fernandes who scored easily with right-footed to seal the 3-0, victory for Portugal 
over Turkey.


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