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20th-Time Grand Slam Winner

" Serena Williams " Defeats Wang Qiang (China) in Quater-Final Match and  Record her 100th US Open Win at 2019 US OPEN….!

NEW YORK(SMI-SPORTS ,09.03-09.08.19)-The 23-Time Grand Slam women's single champion, Serena Williams (USA, WTA#8), dominated Quian Wang (China, WTA#18) in 2-sets (6-1,6-0), in the quater-final round of the 2019 US Open and earning her 100th US Open single victory at The Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.


Williams, who is one of the top-contenders to win this year's Grand Slam, had her best performance at the tournament despite her recent injuries by winning her cleanest match (No errors) & shortest match victory of 44' minutes in the tournament.

Serena Williams looked very solid and strong on her A-Game from the start to finish, without any major difficulties in securing the victory against Qiang Wang and advancing to the semifinal round of the 2019 US Open. In the semifinals stage, Williams will face  Elina Svitolina from Ukraine (WTA#5), who also won her quaterfinal match against English's Johanna Konta (WTA#16) in 2-sets (6-4,6-4),

on Thursday's competition schedule at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows.

Serena Williams at the Post-Game conference and this is what she said :

Q. One of the questions that was asked of you was this was one of the cleanest matches you've had. What do you feel about that in terms of less errors?


SERENA WILLIAMS: Less errors are always good. It's actually yet another thing I've been working on. Hopefully things will start coming together one of these days.

Q. How important is the extra rest for you? You never want to play three-set matches, but keeping it to 44 minutes, how important is that for you, especially at this stage in your career?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm okay to play a lot of matches in a row. I'm okay to play 44-minute matches. I think at this stage in my career I have so much experience of playing super long matches and super short match, I'm pretty much ready for everything.

Quotes from Transcrip from The Post-Game conference is credited to ASAP Sports

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