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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT JUNE 7-JUNE 18, 2023)-The Tribeca Festival concluded its 22nd annual edition in sensational style-after featuring over 250+ films (Feature, Viewpoints, Shorts, Documentary & Special screenings), and 600+ events (Audio Storytelling,Talks, Games, Music & others), during eleven days slate that included a diverse line-up of emerging talents and renowned storytellers from around the world.

The winners of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival Storytellers Competition winners were announced: 

During the 11-days slate of the festival, Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend and write a review of the Spotlight Documentary & world premiere 

of " Stan Lee ":



" STAN LEE : A spotlight documentary about the life of the iconic visionary in the art of comic books Stan Lee, where director David Gelb takes the audience into a journey narrating his success and drawbacks during his career. The film is directed by David Gelb and Co-produced by Jason Sterman, David Gelb, Brian McGinn.


Cast: Stan Lee

Who would think that a movie of a man who made his mark in Comic Books, now known as Graphic Novels would cause controversy. Of course being named after the late great Stan Lee I would give his take but that is disputed by many. This showed how he struggled in coming up in the business, wearing numerous hats at a very young age. Advancing to a higher role and how that impacted his life and lifestyle. Much credit was given to him for his great work and others barely received a mention. One of the very unique things was that as the MCU began

getting into movies, Stan Lee would appear in each of the movies, usually with a very small cameo, one I watched of late he was a bus driver of all things.


Depicting the trials and tribulations of a man who would be best known for his Spiderman character really did go a long way to humanizing him and showing that it was not so easy to have his success. Characters to be written off, he did not, resurrecting others all the while plowing ahead in the industry.

This movie told as good of a story as did any of the comics written by the man the movie was name after and I expect it to be met with literally world wide acclaim.

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