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Tribeca Film Festival /Starlight Movie Reviews 2016

" Almost Paris ": Spectacular Story, Romantic & Entertaining

Domenica Cameron-Scorsese,daughter of the renowned American director Martin Scorsese, made her directorial film's debut with a spectacular, romantic and entertaining world premiere of " Almost Paris " @ Tribeca Film Festival 2016.

The story is based on the personal impact of the mortgage lending crisis on a Long Island man in New York, who went to find his fortune on Wall Street  & return to his parent's home to get back on his feet.Faced with his family & childhood friends during these tough times,tries to learn and change his persona to care for those he loves the most in a memorable way.

A spectacular film with great life lesson learn story, where parents will come through no matter what to help you during tough times weather is in your personal or professional life.

A romantic movie where professional status doesn't play a big role in romance and it's  all about caring for the other person.

This movie is highly recomended because it has a little of everything starting from a good story , very engaging and entertaining throughtout the entire movie.

Starlight Illustrated gives ths movie a rating of   4 1/2 Starlight Out of five


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