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Pele: " Birth of a Legend " Makes a Grandiouse World Premiere Debut @ Tribeca Film Festival 2016 !

NEW YORK (SMI-WIRE,04.21-04.24.16)Two brothers Jeff & Michael Zimbalist made a spectacular directorial film debut with their grandiouse World Premiere ; Pele:"Bird of a Legend "@ the Tribeca Film Festival 2016 in New York City.

The movie is about the story of legendary Pele, considered by the global media as the greatest soccer players in the history of soccer.

From the slums of Brazil to center stage at the world’s biggest sporting event, Pelé's rise to become the youngest-ever World Cup winner, at the age of 17, was nothing short of a miracle. Full of laughs, life lessons, and heart, this inspiring biopic is perfect for introducing a new generation to the greatest soccer player of all time.

A great movie, inspirational & entertaining for all general audience.

Highly recommended and Starlight gives this movie 4 1/2 Starlight rating.

Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend the press conference

with legendary " Pele " and directors " Jeff & Michael Zimbalist " prior to the world premiere debut of " Birth of a Legend "@ Tribeca Film Festival and this is what they said:

Question: You played your first world cup in 1958 in Sweeden as virtually as an unknown 17 years old.What is it like to relive your earlier life of your career through this film ?

Pele:This is a gift from God and my life almost about 3 or 4 generations.

But now, one more time, the youngster of today's get to know you better, who you are and the ghost behind it. This film will document a liitle more about my life from the beginning.

Question: Wachting or when you seen the film, Does it bring you memories of thoses years in your life ?

Pele:Well you know, I'm a very weak guy , I cried when I saw part of your film. I started to remember God.It's good when you cry for happiness and I feel very good. This film is good example for the new generation.I feel very emotional and I want to use this opportunity to thanks the directors and casting involve or whoever took part in making this movie.

Question: What do you think of the actors in the movie ?

Pele: So,So, Good and it was a big surprise when I saw it (the Film).

You know when I was a kid , I wanted to be singer and a musician

so I integrated all my talent into football (Soccer).


Starlight Illustrated:How difficult was to find the right casting and did they have any problems to integrate within each others during the film ?Jeff Zimbalist:Well first of all regarding Vicent Donofrio, he was amazing to work with and when he showed-up on the set, he raised the level to everyone that was involve on the set.He was so dedicated to his craft and an amazing collaborator.Vincent was willing to go to uncomfortable places and push others to go to uncomfortable places.He became a real coach of the casts despite the language differences.

I and Michael could easily say that it's a honor to call him a friend and a mentor today.

Michael Zimbalist:It was a big challenge to find two casting role to play legendary Pele.Find someone who can resemble him on two periods of his life at 9 years old & 17 years old.Also someone who can not only looks like him but with acting abilities or can learn to act or if they had not acted already.It was also very important to us that these casts were able to have tremendous talent of football (soccer) and that's why we casts numerous professional soccer players to make sure that we create a play action up to the standards of the game and elevate the level of the game of that time.

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