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NEW YORK, NY(SMI-ENTERTAINMENT, 11.10.21)- Danny Glover launches himself solo without a buddy in his latest film

" The Drummer ", not only as a leading actor but as an executive producer exposing the taboo stories of  the physical strain and psychological trauma that US Veterans of different generations endured while serving in the US Armed Forces.           


"The Drummer" is a military drama film, and it's based on a Vietnam War veteran named Mark Walker, played by Danny Glover, who became a lawyer and political advocate for soldiers who have suffered emotional and psychological trauma while serving in the US Army. He works and meet with veterans at a small "anti-war" coffee shop called " The Drummer" and have sessions discussing the mental and physical strains that war takes on veterans.


Danny Glover NOT in a buddy movie was a new look for me. Here he has no one to play off and does carry it off well. 

An attorney who was in the armed forces, now helping those who have been damaged by their time in the service get out is his passion, but a bit selfish in his means.  He has gotten some out, not many and feels the system has failed many. He is clearly the David taking on the Goliath that is the US armed forces, but does seek out some wins. This war in particular has seen more than its fair share of mental issues with those serving, often too many tours. In past wars, the veteras would not speak of what had gone on, I am sure due to it being so disturbing, this time in this film it is way different. 


A good movie that I hope is not based on the truth as these young people who wrote the blank check to this nation are not being dealt with fairly, by both the machine and those involved in it. Why they might want those that are damaged back in the battle is beyond me, but there is a fine line between that and having those who just want out using that as their means.

"The Drummer" Cast: Danny Glover, Prema Cruz, Sam Underwood, Daniel K. Isaac, Camilla Perez, Frankie J. Alvarez, Jennifer Mudge and Lillias White.

Directed by Eric Werthman (Going Under), written by Werthman and Jessica Gohlke, produced by Werthman and Vladan Nikolic, and executive produced by Mr. Danny Glover.

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