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Photo:Oliver Wheldon, Laura Brownson(US Director) & Sebastian Wheldon

NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT JUNE 7-JUNE 18, 2023)-The Tribeca Festival concluded its 22nd annual edition in sensational style-after featuring over 250+ films (Feature, Viewpoints, Shorts, Documentary & Special screenings), and 600+ events (Audio Storytelling,Talks, Games, Music & others), during eleven days slate that included a diverse line-up of emerging talents and renowned storytellers from around the world.

The winners of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival Storytellers Competition winners were announced: 

During the 11-days slate of the festival, Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend and write a review of the world premiere " The Lionheart ":



The Lionheart: A sports documentary directed by US film director Laura Brownson and Co-produced by Chapman Way, Maclain Way and Laura Brownson. 

Cast:Dan Wheldon, Susie Wheldon, Sebastian Wheldon, Oliver Wheldon

Dan Wheldon, a racing champion is via tragedy taken in a racing accident. See his story and that of how his young wife and sons, Sebastian & Oliver deal with their worlds being rocked.From the highest of highs as he rises fast in the ranks of racing internationally, with his wife by his side professionally at first. He does as most do, go through some changes, his family by his side he goes forth. He takes the Indy 500 twice over, this is massive in racing and sport circles.Those he worked with though separated, stayed close and were on the verge of rejoing forces at his passing.

The family business it seems was very steeped in his young sons, now a decade plus following his demise, they are going in circles and other shapes at higher speeds than one would think prudent. Their mother doing all she can to support them despite what has to her gravest fear,one meeting the same fate as their departed, loving father.

Even with the many intimate moments of their lives shared, this film never appears to be prying, but caringly documenting the happenings within this family. Sports minded or not, this is a sad but well told story and gives hope for the next generation of Wheldons coming around the racks of the world.



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