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NEW YORK, NY (SMI-GLOBAL-ENTERTAINMENT JUNE 7-JUNE 18, 2023)-The Tribeca Festival concluded its 22nd annual edition in sensational style-after featuring over 250+ films (Feature, Viewpoints, Shorts, Documentary & Special screenings), and 600+ events (Audio Storytelling,Talks, Games, Music & others), during eleven days slate that included a diverse line-up of emerging talents and renowned storytellers from around the world.

The winners of the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival Storytellers Competition winners were announced: 

During the 11-days slate of the festival, Starlight Illustrated had the opportunity to attend and write a review of the Short " They Grow Up So Fast ":




" They Grow Up So Fast " : is a Comedy & Thriller short film (10 Minutes) where Brian meets Amy after night out on the town, and wake up the next morning with life changing scenarios moving very fast and appearing to be more serious that he anticipated.    

Cast: John F. Beach, Emily Althaus, Martin Spanjers, Madelynn Deason

An interesting story of a one night stand, did not occur? All things related to having a child.Positive test, birthing, child growing up, etc. occurs in record time, yes, quite the nightmare.Stuck with a partner you did not want, must be a horrible way for it to go down. Moments shown of the main character have him unaware of what is going on, possibly a bad, real bad dream. Entertaining, funny and engaging.  

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