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The U.S. Olympic Team Wins the Medal Competition at The 2020 TOKYO SUMMER OLYMPICS..! 

TOKYO,JP(SMI-SPORTS,07.23-08.08.21)-The Games of the XXXII(32nd) Olympiad known as Tokyo 2020 Summer  concluded today (August 08,) with the the United States Olympic team winning the medal race competition in acquiring 39 gold medals and 113 total in the tournament.


The Republic of China finished second with 38 gold & 88 total, follow by the host Japan taking 3rd place with 27 gold and 58 total- the most medals won by the host nation in their history at the Olympic games.


Find below the medal winners table by country at

the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 

Day 17:2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Total Medal Winners Table



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