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Recent News:    New York City Honored The US National

                 Women's Soccer Team with Spectacular Parade !

SMI Sports / July 10, 2015


NEW YORK ( SMI-WIRE,07.10.15)New York City held a special parade today to honor the US National Women Soccer team for winning the recent 2015 FIFA World-Cup women's soccer championship that took place in Canada.A large crowd over thousands gathered at noon in down-town Broadway including NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio & NY State Governor Mario Cuomo to cheer & honor the women soccer team for their extraordinary accomplishment in winning the World National Women Soccer championship's trophy. New York City Mayor

Bill De Blasio gave the soccer champions " A key to the city". He told the crowd that the team's victory was an inspiration and a resounding message about the "power of women"."Young women who watched that game will grow up and they'll tell their daughters and tell their sons about that 2015 championship team that made history — that opened minds and brought us together," de Blasio said.But having this parade here in New York City was one of the best moments of my entire life," Lloyd said after getting a key to the city. "And we all feel the same.".....



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